Self Care

The Decision To Make Your Day Great

I made the decision in growing in gratitude to make my day great regardless of the circumstances at hand. I was given the great opportunity and responsibility to not allow events, people, comments, or what may be lingering at home to have power over the blessing of having life each day. The truth is not everyday will be great, but I applied the following steps to ensure that I find something grateful to reflect on as a woman and mother to make my day great.

I fight my inner Negative Nacy all the time in not making a mountains out of mole heeps when things don’t go my way or as expected. I wished I could say my kids jump up ready to go to school bright eyed and bushy tailed, but the truth is most days they’re dragging pushing us to rush to school with me attempting to put on lipsticks on the road. I wish I could tell you that life as a teacher was happy go lucky with my students enthusiastic about every assignment I give, my co-workers and I got along flawlessly, and teachers recieved free lunch for their efforts given in dedication. The truth is every job has it’s challenges, the best of jobs can be unpredictable with climate, there will be difficult people to work with, and no lunch is free unless it’s a holiday themed potluck. Family can have it’s on set of issues or challenges in navigating in dynamics, but you learn how to survive even in dysfunction. I made many poor decisions and wasted energy in allowing little and big things ruin day. My actions on focusing on the negative aspects of the day made me irritable, rattle with anxiety, and withdrawn. I’ve stopped allowing things,people, or events ruin my day in making the decision to have a great day.

Here are some steps to make your day great no matter what comes your way.

  • Be grateful for life because not everyone is afforded the opportunity to have it.
  • Write down at least three things that you’re grateful for to reflect on throughout the day. Put it where you can see .
  • Don’t take everything personal even if the actions or words expressed by others seemed intentional.
  • Celebrate small victories!
  • Give yourself a pat on the back if you get even one thing accomplished from your to do list.
  • Listening to some feel good music that lifts your spirit, gives encouragement, and make you forget your troubles.
  • Get cute! Seriously it’ a healthy deflection to spruce yourself up.
  • Know your people. Don’t force connections that don’t feel right, aren’t equally yoked, contentious, not reciprocal, and that are unhealthy. .
  • Connect with your life givers aka positive people who bring positive energy.These are the people in your life that make you feel good with the light of joy, give encouragement, sound wisdom, and reliable support.
  • Leave yesterday where it was. The gift of goodbye will be your bestfriend.
  • Give yourself a small treat or reward.
  • Do something today that you’ll thank yourself later for.

Have a great day Beautiful inspite off. 💋