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Who’s The Coach “Rocky” In Your Life? : Movie Night Reflection

It was mother and son date night. I knew that my son would select going to the movies, but he specifically asked to watch the movie Creed II. It was a powerful movie starring actor Michael B. Jordan, and costars Sylvester Stallone the original “Rocky” in the film. Rocky, was famously known as a boxer in his previous films, but he now acts as an amazing boxing coach training an upcoming boxer “Adonis” all the way in helping him become the world’s heavyweight champion. My son was so excited, and gave every tidbit from the first film in my ear while we were watching the movie’s previews. I immensely enjoyed the film, story line, and direction feeling inspired. I left following the film’s conclusion after clapping and serving up some high fives with some equally enthusiastic moviegoers who sat beside us in asking,”Who acts the role of being coach “Rocky” in our lives?”

I promise you I won’t blow this read with giving away any spoilers. ( See, I can be good in keeping my mouth shut sometimes.) I will encourage you to see this drama and a sports flick centered around boxing. The lead character had the basic skills, brawn, and heart, but he lacked the emotional intelligence and confidence that his coach provided in giving him support for motivation. Yes, Adonis could do it alone, but there was just something Rocky brought out of him that no one else could. He occasionally tried to do it alone, but those closest around him saw the depth and importance of this special connection, and eventually his pride had to bow down to the fact that he needed that extra push from a dear friend.

Now, I ‘m not telling you to do a Google search in finding a life coach. Trust, there are plenty of life coaches in every realm now. Some may say an over kill! I digress, but I am asking you to take a deep look at your life in appreciation, celebration, and with great jubilation of the people in your life who encourage wholeheartedly. These are the people who believe in us when we struggle at times in believing in ourselves. These are the people who have seen us at our worst, but still loved us enough to see the best in us. These are the people who may have had ever right to walk away, yet they stayed by our sides. They listen to our ambition ideas, and they share honest critiques without discouraging us in putting us down. They know when to give us a push, and they love us enough to share the truth if like in the movie the ” white towel” needs to be waved. They never make us feel like a failure even when we fail. Your “Rocky” may be a relative, friend, mentor, or just someone who chooses to pushes you through genuine motivation to never give up in life despite the challenges you face. Next to God, my husband, children, my mother, and a few close friends act in that coaching role for me providing me encouragement all the way through. Acknowledge those awesome, authentic, and true daily coaches that see and push the greatness out of you.

My son and I following our movie night shenanigans after watching Creed II.
My son and I following our movie night shenanigans after watching Creed II.

I heard a line from the movie and I reacted out loud possible feeding from the energy in the theater. I said, “Everybody needs a Rocky in their life,” following a scene when Rocky pushes Adonis at his lowest point. A moviegoer beside me said, “You know, I like that phrase,” in agreement. I thought inside though a deeper reflection on the statement of having your own personal “Rocky” by your side. It’s not just important that we have our own coach ” Rocky” to push us, it’s essential that we pay it forward in pushing someone as in being their rock.

Be blessed beautiful people!

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