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For The Times You Feel Unmotivated : Refocus, Realign, And Rechannel Your Energy

I wish I could tell you everyday I felt pumped, focused, and motivated, but I know I would be telling you a lie. There are not only days, but there will be periods in our lives where we feel less motivated in doing the things we once felt so committed in accomplishing. I’ve found ways to help me stay motivated, committed, and less distracted as a woman lead by the pursuit of purpose in every area in my life. Yes, I’ve had my days in feeling out of it in completing the laundry as well as writing a blog. I regain my focus in following these simple steps in staying encouraged rather than discouraged in maintenance of my own personal motivation.

Remember Your Why? It’s essential to never forget your ” Why” in doing what you enjoy, what’s needed, and to believe in your efforts in planning for the future. There are times I breakdown my “Why” in layman’s terms for clear understanding in finding motivation through meaning. I’m not a fan of doing laundry, but I keep a regular schedule in completing it. A big “Why” in keeping a regular laundry schedule is it keeps the home smelling fresh, everyone knows where their clothing items are for the most part, and it makes life easier for all to get up and go. I know that having a heavy social media presence is big now of days in being considered credible in speaking, blogging, writing, and all those things in between. I try not to compare my journey with others or focus on dissecting anyone else’s ” Why” in doing what they do. I remember my “Why” as a blogger, speaker, and writer in heart is to inspire others. I don’t act in martyrdom in writing because it also helps me in releasing things transparently, act in full authenticity of my truth, and I sincerely enjoy it. I choose to remember my “Why” in the back of my mind in giving me the boost I need for motivation.

Get Organized It’s hard to be focused or maintain focus when things are in disarray both physically and mentally. We tend to be more productive when we are organized than cluttered. Getting organized to regain focus doesn’t mean that everything around us will be pristine in appearance, but taking the time to declutter makes things appear clearer which helps our focus. When we allow things to pile up slowly it takes no time for things to grow overwhelming. Any mom will tell you that all it takes is skipping folding two baskets of clothes while the laundry is piling up in the rest of the house to set you back with a monstrous pile that will take a few days to clear up. Sure, I can occasionally write a blog from the top my head, but my thoughts flow better when I organize them in writing them down. Yes, speaking from the heart at a whelm is amicable, but organized thoughts leave a lasting impression for others to reflect from your view points. Simply put, journal your thoughts, tasks, and ideas to aid you in staying focused for motivation.

Set Realistic Goals & Expectations Think “Let’s be real” when it comes down to expectations for yourself in achieving goals in considering your time, energy, and resources in setting goals. Setting realistic goals doesn’t mean you are limiting yourself at all, but it’s basically making an outline to make sure you are at your best in following through with what you are trying to accomplish. Realistically, I know I can’t clean my house from top to bottom as a mother who works full-time outside of the home, but I am realistic in knowing that I can maintain a clean home in breaking tasks down at least 6 days in a week. I break things in a 30/ 60/ 90 day plan in writing down what I want to achieve in detail. I balance a lot so producing several articles for each day of the week isn’t realistic for me, but I know writing at minimum one article is fulfilling in accomplishment personally. I celebrate small victories just as well as the big ones in creating short term and long term goals in breaking them down in home, career, and following the calling placed on my life.

Be Aware Of Surroundings & Influences It’s so important to reevaluate your surroundings and influences when you feel unmotivated. Not many people are immune to the onset of distractions, so it’s best to identify those distractions in knowing how to best handle them. Make sure that you cultivate a strong circle of people who bring positive energy into your life. Surround yourself with people who can build you up, and not tear you down. Consciously surround yourself with life givers of encouragement, and distance yourself from life drainers who bring toxic energy. One sided relationships can be an empty distraction in maintaining that equally produce unmotivation through lack of support. Choose to follow online people who are inspiring, relatable, positive, insightful, and those who don’t make you feel like you’re not doing enough within your role in presenting a mirage.

May you find motivation as a woman of purpose in all that you do. Pray, plan, and execute. You got this! 💋

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