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10 Tips To Limit Screen Time As A Family In Becoming More Engaged

It happened suddenly from seeing my younger children excited to use their kiddie tablets to swipe their touch screens for learning games to binge watching their now favorite YouTube personalities. I noticed the histrionics when anyone in the home couldn't find their cellphones, tablets, or the television remote deciding that it was time to admit… Continue reading 10 Tips To Limit Screen Time As A Family In Becoming More Engaged

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“Mama, Can You Push Me? “

Our new playground in the backyard is a hit for the kids. It motivates them to put their tablets down, go outside, and play. It's especially a hit for the twins. They are small enough to enjoy it swinging without putting the fear of life in us as parents like our eldest two in making… Continue reading “Mama, Can You Push Me? “

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Family Review : The Painted Lady Bed And Breakfast

  My family and I shared our first experience breaking away from the usual chain hotel routine, and we discovered a lovely bed and breakfast in our local city. The Painted Lady Bed & Breakfast located in Augusta, Georgia has all the comforts of home, the elegance of the Victorian era, great hospitality, and an elective flair filled with southern charm.

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Living The Dream: Celebrating The Legacy of Dr. King As A Family

Every year our children look forward to the M.L.K. parade that honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We live in the historic area in our city that host the parade literally down our neighborhood's block. We bring our lawn chairs, blankets when needed, and plastic bags to fill to the rim with the candy that… Continue reading Living The Dream: Celebrating The Legacy of Dr. King As A Family

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Morning After Survival Tips For The Day After Christmas And Throughout The Holidays

It's the morning after Christmas and all through the house everyone was sleeping sound, but when mom went downstairs she wanted to shout! The day after Christmas it hits you after looking at the big mess of boxes and torn wrapping paper sitting in your front room of all that you have to clean.I've learned some survival tips to help this empath mom survive another day in calm following the storm of holiday cheer. 

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It’s The Little Things That Count

    Many people think that it takes the most extravagant of moments to make children's hearts smile. It's actually the little things that make a world of difference in memories to share as a family. There are times when I look back at fond memories of my childhood for which I don't think about… Continue reading It’s The Little Things That Count

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Happy Life Happy Parenting 

There comes a point when how you truly feel in the inside starts affecting those around you on the outside. Those who are the closest to you feel it the most when you're at your best or at your worst especially your family. I saw myself at a very unhappy, unsettling, and low point at… Continue reading Happy Life Happy Parenting 

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Family Meeting Time 

 Family meetings are a great way for each member of the family to connect even more in being on one accord. It allows parents to share new and upcoming changes with their children. Family meetings allow each member of the family to share their concerns, and it allows parents especially to breakdown their expectations for… Continue reading Family Meeting Time