Journeys In Motherhood

What Do Single Moms Do On Mother’s Day?

I felt a mixed of emotions leading up to my first Mother's Day as a single mom. I braced myself without holding on to any expectation leading up the holiday in knowing that it would be different. I pondered a few questions in my mind about single moms I've known, my own mother from growing… Continue reading What Do Single Moms Do On Mother’s Day?

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Morning After Survival Tips For The Day After Christmas And Throughout The Holidays

It's the morning after Christmas and all through the house everyone was sleeping sound, but when mom went downstairs she wanted to shout! The day after Christmas it hits you after looking at the big mess of boxes and torn wrapping paper sitting in your front room of all that you have to clean.I've learned some survival tips to help this empath mom survive another day in calm following the storm of holiday cheer.