Family Matters

A Generation Gone But Not Forgotten : Taking The Torch

My fondest memories growing up on the " Ave" in Augusta, Ga was the smell of pit cooked barbecue from my Uncle's restaurant Perry's Pig around the corner. I would walk home from school to see the usual older ladies sitting on the porch knowing I better open my mouth up to speak with respect… Continue reading A Generation Gone But Not Forgotten : Taking The Torch

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Let Them Help

  You're in the mindset of getting something done. You're completely focused, and you have it timed to about when you will be finished. There is a shadow lurking near by, and suddenly you hear a voice that asks, "Mama, can I help?" It's cute in thoughtfulness at first, but you think in your head… Continue reading Let Them Help

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Awarded From The Start 

   It was the last week of camp for my morning class for which I taught music and movement. I wanted to do something special for my morning large group class  of diverse ages. They were always so enthusiastically willing to participate in whatever I taught them. I decided to give them a little certificate… Continue reading Awarded From The Start 

Journeys In Motherhood

It’s The Little Things That Count

    Many people think that it takes the most extravagant of moments to make children's hearts smile. It's actually the little things that make a world of difference in memories to share as a family. There are times when I look back at fond memories of my childhood for which I don't think about… Continue reading It’s The Little Things That Count

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Mom Has Had It Officially! : How To Keep Your Cool and Your Sanity 

We have to protect ourselves from taking on the martyr personality of doing everything and not holding anyone accountable ,yet feeling resentful inside of bearing such an impractical nuisance. No, we are not trying to be an warden over a prison facility. Be that as it may, a mother shouldn't feel anyway convicted for wanting the best for her family especially with the acute understanding that everyone can partake in the shared order of peace.

Family Management

Family Meeting Time 

 Family meetings are a great way for each member of the family to connect even more in being on one accord. It allows parents to share new and upcoming changes with their children. Family meetings allow each member of the family to share their concerns, and it allows parents especially to breakdown their expectations for… Continue reading Family Meeting Time 

Family Matters

Frick & Frack : A Forever Bond 

   I remember our side eyed connection that we shared growing up as children when we were both laughing from the inside about something. We definitely wouldn't share our inside joke outwardly from the fear of getting into trouble by our mother from our father's hilarious antics at the dinner table for our annual Friday night family… Continue reading Frick & Frack : A Forever Bond