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Morning After Survival Tips For The Day After Christmas And Throughout The Holidays

It’s the morning after Christmas and all through the house everyone was sleeping sound, but when mom went downstairs she wanted to shout! The morning after Christmas is like a wild party from undergrad were you’re asking,”What just happened?” when you think about all that was shared  24 hours before. I enjoy fellowship, preparations for the grand feast, kids helping with Santa treats, and visits from loved ones during the holiday season. The day after Christmas it hits you after looking at the big mess of boxes and torn wrapping paper sitting in your front room of all that you have to clean. There’s dishes left soaking in the sink from all the delicious food. There’s a secret yearning for the house to be settled down from so much excitement and entertaining. I’ve learned some survival tips to help this empath mom survive another day in calm following the storm of holiday cheer.

Here’s my survival tips for the day after Christmas and throughout the holiday season in remaining calm, energized, and taking in all the wonderful moments that each year this holiday season brings:

  • Sleep in as best you can. If you have to make it mandatory that everyone will have morning time alone until breakfasts officially starts collectively as a family. Hey, now you can bring out your new waffle maker showing it off. Hey Check out my new Cappuccino Maker !You can also make it fun while using the hands of some of the ” extra guests” to pitch in with lending a hand with breakfast or meals.
  • Schedule family meeting times and meals for everyone to come together. It will give you time to rest and mentally prepare for when the ” soldiers” come for chow. It will also give your family and guests time to explore the city, visit others, and share in some fun activities . All the entertaining doesn’t have to be on you.  This also makes it extra special for when you and your loved ones come together for meals, game night, and fellowship.
  • Let’s clean up ! Have a designated area for boxes leftover from the unwrapping of presents. Have a few bags to place the used wrapping paper to. Make a decision to recycle reuse, or trash it all. Save all gently used gift bags for the next year. We decided to go green,and we did wrap any of the kids gifts. We set up a little organized spot for them to see their names to get their presents. They were just as happy. We only had a few wrapped gifts from family and friends.  Have the children help with cleaning and organizing in making room for all their new goodies.
  • Get organized and stay focused! Start moving things into their proper area that were gifted. You can do this doing down time while the children are playing or while everyone is out of the house exploring another activity.  This is the best “out with the old and in with the new moment” that a parent can have. Start removing old clothes, gently used toys,and other items to make room for the gifts that were giving. You don’t have to clean out the house! Decide what you want to stay and what you may want to donate to others in need. Again allow this to be a family activity to organize the your home.
  • Allow others to help. Don’t take on the task of entertaining, cooking, and cleaning all by yourself for the reminder of the holidays especially if you have a large family. It’s a healthy balance between being a welcoming host, allowing everyone to enjoy the holiday season, and allowing everyone to get involved in keeping a little bit of structure. Find your healthy balance in allowing others to lend a helping hand, maintaining peace ( You’re not a drill sergeant), and keeping everything enjoyable for all
  • Rest and relax when you can. Just because outside of the home is hustle and bustle it doesn’t have to be that way inside our homes. If you’re blessed to have a winter break from work, school, and other responsibilities than take advantage of it. Read that new book that was gifted to you. This a great time to try out your new nail manicure set. Play with the kids with some of their toys. Check out a holiday movie matinee. My favorite thing is to squeeze in a short cat nap when I can to prepare myself later in entertaining and visiting loved ones

Catch your breath and enjoy the holiday season throughout in peaceful harmony .

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