Journeys In Motherhood

It’s The Little Things That Count

    Many people think that it takes the most extravagant of moments to make children’s hearts smile. It’s actually the little things that make a world of difference in memories to share as a family. There are times when I look back at fond memories of my childhood for which I don’t think about the biggest gifts or the fancy vacations as standouts. My fondest memories were times watching as a child seeing my parents work creatively in making things work in taking care of my brothers and I. I have memories where I saw my parents make goofball mistakes while laughing at themselves in front us which made us feel safe as kids to share in laughing in the moment. I will never forget my father helping me learn how to paddle a bike, or my mom showing me how to put up my dukes in taking no mess with the after school bully. It was those little things in which consciously or unconsciously my parents did to share in providing the best love they could to us as their children in making us a family.

  I found a $5.00 bill in the bottom of my wallet accidentally leaving summer camp with the kids.  The kids and I share in attending the camp together where I am an instructor. It’s the time of the month where groceries are funny, and I have to be creative in preparing healthy meals that they will actually eat. We decided after camp to go to one of our favorite grocery stores to pick up what we could with only using what we had in change in the car along with our $5.00. It was pretty much a just spur of the moment thing to make a little detour from our norm.

  My twins jumped out of our vehicle as if it was a field trip!We had our little tote shopping bag walking bouncy through the automatic doors. We picked up two jars of pasta sauce, a head a lettuce, a mango, and our favorite taffy we enjoy. I thought that it was pretty awesome for only $5.00 to get so much. The store clerk made mention in observation of the sight of seeing twins, and we smiled going on our way. I gave my son the left over change to purchase his own treat while the girls and I headed to the car. He was beaming like a big boy while dashing back into the store to select what he wanted.  We waited patiently for him to return. He came back with more than we all expected. My son proudly boast that he had a drink and his own pack of taffy.  I heard the kids smacking  “yum” , and my son couldn’t stop sharing with me his deal of a steal.  We drove back home in the scorching Georgia heat reflecting on the day.

    My children were surprisingly happy from our little after camp detour. I was feeling grateful in the moment in sharing not only a good day at camp with my students, but seeing my children in the mix of the campers participating just as eagerly as the others did in dance. I thought while preparing dinner that it’s the little moments like these that make the biggest difference in sharing as a family.

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