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Mommy Breastfeeds Me with Author  Amanda Porter: Breastfeeding Advocacy & Support 

More  moms would consider breastfeeding as their first option if they had more support and understanding. Families would feel like breastfeeding is as natural as the air we breath if breastfeeding was more supported in open acceptance. The book Mommy Breastfeeds Me written by Amanda Porter helps children and families with giving insight from a child’s prospective of seeing the diversity of breastfeeding in everyday life through motherhood.  I truly wished that at the time of the birth of my first born that I would’ve been educated and giving the support to breastfeed from breastfeeding advocates like Amanda. We greeted each other with smiles and a big warm hug to interview in discussing the inspiration behind her writing her book, the benefits of breastfeeding, motherhood, and to talk about being women lead in walking in purpose. We are both music lovers, and we both love to sing. It wasn’t long before the guitar was out, and we were both singing. Amanda’s youngest daughter brought her little guitar out to! The family’s pet bird also chimed in with sharing his opinions on all the commotion in having a guest over in their beautiful home located in a small town outside of Statesbro, Georgia.  We laughed together, cried, sung, and probably hugged ten times before it was time to say goodbye. I can truly say that I enjoyed my well informed yet down home interview with author Amanda Porter.

P.F.M  : Why is advocating for breastfeed awareness such a passion for you? 

A. P. : Breastfeeding is such a passion for me because  I know the benefits of breastfeeding and want every baby to benefit from it, and I also know how empowering it is as a woman to breastfeed your child. “Its a super power!”

P.F.M.  : What are the common myths in your opinion of pressures that make mothers not choose breastfeeding as an option?

A. P. : Common myths: “I will lose a lot of weight if I breastfeed”… False. While many women do lose weight while breastfeeding, many do not and get frustrated when it doesn’t happen. 

Myth “I won’t have to use birth control if I breastfeed”….False! While breastfeeding can delay oculation in some women, it is not a guarantee and many women have gotten pregnant thinking they couldn’t get pregnant while breastfeeding. Every woman is different and its best to use birth control if you aren’t ready to have another child just yet.

P.F.M.  : What are the top 5 benefits of breastfeeding that mothers should know?

A. P. : The top 5 benefits would, in my opinion, would be 

1. It keeps baby safe from many illnesses and diseases.(Your breast milk is specifically tailored to your baby. Your body responds to pathogens (virus and bacteria) that are in your body and makes secretory IgA that’s specific to those pathogens, creating protection for your baby based on whatever you’re exposed to.)

2. It reduces the risk of SIDS in the first year of life. 

3.Reduced risk of cancer for mom and baby later in life.

4. Baby can have a higher IQ if breastfed.

5. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of type 1&2 diabetes and also obesity and high blood pressure as adults.

P.F.M. : What was the inspiration behind your book? 

A.P. : The inspiration behind my book. I got the idea for my book when I worked in public health (Health Dept). I saw books that were given to children to get them to see and like fruits and veggies. I thought “We need to have books available for children that involve breastfeeding!”

P.F.M. :  Your book shows the diversity of mothers who have chosen to breastfeed. Why was that important to you? 

A.P. : It was important to show diversity in my book because I wanted my book to be tailored to ALL women, because  the benefits of breastfeeding are for all women and all babies! I wanted every mom to be able to relate to the book in some way.

P.F.M. : What would parents and families get out of selecting such a book ? 

A. P. : Parents and children will get encouragement and delightful illustrations out of the book Mommy Breastfeeds Me. It will give them a feeling of “I’m not the only one! I’m not alone!”

P.F.M. :  Do you have any tips for any other moms who would like to consider writing a children’s book?

A. P. : For anyone else considering writing a book, “Go for it!” Don’t let fear hold you back. If you get an ideas, write them down and keep doing that. Send your script to publishers. If you don’t hear anything back at first, don’t get discouraged. Keep trying and keep writing!
I have plans on writing another book actually pretty soon! My next idea is a book about adoption. 

P.F.M. : Why is it important to walk lead in purpose? 

A. P. : It is important to walk in purpose because when you walk in purpose, you walk in your calling, and then you are full of purpose (PurposeFILLED). You can’t experience the fullness of life without your purpose being fulfilled. 

P. F. M. :  You shared your testimony on Girl Talk With Purpose of your hardships and challenges of living through foster care, troubles as a teen, and overcoming them through your faith . How did that impact you and influence you as a wife and mother? 

A. P. : The challenges I had as a child and growing up have made me a better wife and mom, but has come with some baggage that I’ve had to give to the Lord as well. I had to learn to trust my husband and know what he was here to stay. I struggle with being a little over protective over my girls because I fear anything bad happening to them. I often have to pray and cast my cares upon Him, because I know he cares for me, and for my family! I also struggle with pleasing people…I guess because I did that as a child to prove to foster families that I was exactly what they wanted to keep in their home. I didn’t have stability in my life and pleasing people was my only thing I could do well. I am still working on that!

P.F.M. :  What advice would you like to share to others who were adopted in becoming parents themselves ?

A. P. : Anyone who was adopted and are wanting to become parents, please consider adoption. It will bless you tremendously and will bless your future child as well more than you will ever know. 

P.F.M . : What is your favorite thing about being a mother?

A.P. : My favorite thing about being a mother is being able to give my children the knowledge and tools that they need to have a successful life as an adult. I just love loving on them and watching them grow and excel!

P.F.M. : What is one special memory that you as a family collectively share together ?   

A. P. : We have so many special memories that we talk about and laugh about, but our favorite one thus far is when we went on a family vacation 2 years ago and didn’t have an agenda or schedule! We just took it day by day and relaxed and spent time together. It was hard for my hubby because he’s such a planner and normally we got anxiety over packing, planning, traveling….but that particular trip we made up in our minds that we would just relax and have fun! And we did! We still reminisce about that trip & plan on going again this year Lord willing!

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  1. Minimarie, thank you for your hard work on this and for helping me get the word out about my new book and about breastfeeding in general! It means so much to me!


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