Journeys In Motherhood, Mom Motivation And Empowerment

What Do Single Moms Do On Mother’s Day?

I felt a mixed of emotions leading up to Mother's Day. I braced myself without holding on to any expectation leading up the holiday in knowing that it would be different. I pondered a few questions in my mind about single moms I've known, my own mother from growing up, and accepting my new norm… Continue reading What Do Single Moms Do On Mother’s Day?

Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Who Are You Talking To?

The closest of family, friends, and loved ones will occassionally have disagreements. The words and actions we use in handling conflicts tests the depths of how we truly value our loved ones in being apart of our lives. We can choose to focus on the issue at hand in sharing our grievances with those we… Continue reading Who Are You Talking To?

Co-parenting, The Balancing Act

 Good Parent Vs  Bad Parent : The Unfair Comparison 

     Divorce has away of making people choose a side of who's the better parent in the equation.We spend thousands of dollars on attorneys and court fees in custody battles to prove which parent is more fit in being the primary guardian for the child (ren). I've always felt torn in split expectations, judgments,… Continue reading  Good Parent Vs  Bad Parent : The Unfair Comparison 


 12 Ways to  Co-Parent With Peace

Co-parenting is more common in our society with the growth of blended families. Some parents are able to unite in parenting efforts with no major problems. Many others including myself for a spell found co-parenting challenging at times. High conflict custody battles can be emotionally draining for both parents. Tension between two parents who refuse… Continue reading  12 Ways to  Co-Parent With Peace