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Double Blessings And Strengthening  Faith: My Story with Micro Preemies

I look back in awe daily on the strides that our twin daughters have made in their fight to make it. The twins’ unexpected births with the uncertainty that the doctors shared with us of the uphill battle of babies born so early at only 24 weeks was gut wrenching for any parent to digest. I was told most babies born so early don’t survive by the staff. I laid locked on hospital bed rest for 4 weeks in nervous anticipation of not knowing what was happening with the two little baby girls growing inside of me.

I truly feel like God sat me down for a reason during that time. I have never stayed in the hospital for an extended stay. I had 2 younger children at home who needed me as well. My mom had recently moved to Atlanta. My family support was limited at best in description. I was put on home bed rest at only 15 weeks however with lack of consistency in support I was on car pick up for my son at school, on call for any school activities, and I had to continue my daily responsibilities at home. My mother doesn’t drive, however she was welcoming for me to bring my oldest daughter for a week for a break. I would drive up to Atlanta to drop her off to catch my breath to rest for the week. I enjoyed church. It was a pleasant escape from the madness, so I would teach youth bible study on Wednesday nights sitting in my chair. God was telling me to rest. I wasn’t setting the proper boundaries, listening to his voice, and the fear of rejection from not delegating responsibilities for help aided in more stress. I was high-risk and hard headed.God sat me down at 20 weeks following my weekly check up.
I laid in fear and guilt when I was told that I was going to be admitted for a long stay. I felt alone, and I didn’t know who was going to help me with the load that was awaiting outside of those walls. God sent I would call them earthly angels to be there for me during this time. My mother came down to help for those weeks. My husband would stay occasionally while working and completing his Master’s. My bestfriend would alternate in staying most nights, and the kindness of the first lady from our church along with members were true support. God let me know that I wasn’t alone. He also sent the nicest nurses to share words of encouragement. My extended family from both sides would come to visit in prayer. My cousin who’s like a big sister to me brought me makeup and pearls to keep jazzy with my spirits up.

At 6:00 am in the morning our two bundles of joy came into this world breach, kicking, and screaming. It was so fast, and they are just one minute apart. I was still trying to catch my breath. I didn’t get to hold them because of the situation of their early births. They were rushed out to the NICU for testing, support, and observations. I laid again along in my room from the past few weeks in pause of what just happend. I can’t describe it, but I was calm. I saw that God was working with me during that time. My son bought me a daily devotion from the gift shop in the hospital that spoke daily on faith. It was my comfort for those weeks. The words some how reflected every emotion that was happening during that time.

There will be times in our lives as believers when things happen unexpectedly. There will be times of uncertainty in our lives. There will be times where we feel alone, support may not come from the traditional sense of our expectations, and all we have to rely on is our faith. I feel like God places us in those situations to humble us in knowing that he is the source of our foundation. He works specially in those times in pulling us through without our merit or what we know so that we can see in giving him all the glory for the miracles that transpired. I had two little miracles waiting for me to come and see for the first time. They have proven time and time again through their determination to be alive, growth, and milestones of God’s grace and mercy for me. My life has not been the same since in the best of ways! Daily watching them grow and accomplish so much that wasn’t to be expected strengthens my faith in God. Our family has grown closer as well, and although they are the babies they taught us a lot. Each birthday they share with us is a blessing to behold. Blow out your candles Paris and Payton you’ve earned it!

Pictures by Yesenia Person Photography

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