Mom Motivation And Empowerment

Thinking Outside Of The Box: 

   Children have away of teaching us in their own way without saying a word. I can remember awhile back my husband came home with a large box from work. I placed it simply on the countertop. I didn’t know what to do with, and I thought of it like a eyesore in our home. I honestly don’t like things being out of place in our house. I know spoken like a true neat and control freak. It’s funny how kids can bring things to life. 

      The children were so happy to see the box, and I saw the light bulb go off in their little brains of ideas. The children took the box and made it into a car. They pretended to drive it around, and they pushed it around the floor. It wasn’t long before they broke one side. They then decided to turned it into a make believe throne for their individual royal imaginary characters. It later became a sled down the stairs. Okay, that one didn’t end well. Finally, they made it a imagery bed for the twins because they were the only two who could first in it at that point. I watched in amazement of all the wonderful possibilities that laid before them in thinking outside of the box in literal form.

    It was like they took “thinking outside the box” to a different level . I loved it! Now, I’m going to challenge myself and maybe encourage someone else. I don’t know what’s going on in your life. I know personally I have my share of ideas, goals, and interests. It doesn’t take long to see things cloudy. Let’s think outside of the box. Let’s dare to step outside of the box of ourselves as well , and see where it takes us. 

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