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Self-Care For Self- Preservation 

Most would agree that motherhood is a balancing act of many additional roles , and there are many responsibilities for moms to take on daily. We are here, there, and everywhere for our children for their various activities.We do our best to give 100 percent to our spouse or significant other . The job market is so competitive that we give at times our best efforts to complete strangers eight hours or more at least five days a week . The stay at home mother can barely catch her breath between stirring a pot, answering the phone, and running to catch a toddler who’s about to strip out of their diaper!

We can’t forget about the “empty nesters”, who are now in many cases the sole guardian for their grandchildren according to the many statistics on the growing rate of grandparents as care takers. Many grandparents are equally sharing the carpool lines, rushing to soccer practices, and are full time babysitters for eight hours or more in helping their adult children with the cost of childcare in a fluctuating economy.
Whew! Ladies please catch your breath. I know many of you like myself are carrying a full load. It’s important for us to give love and care to our loved ones . It’s equally important for us to provide love and care for ourselves as we give towards others. It’s great to be active in various activities or auxiliaries, however it’s important for you to not spread yourself to thin.Try not to over obligate youself with to many projects and responsibilities of organizations.

We can’t pour from an empty well for those who need a slip to drink. We have to take care of ourselves so that we can give our best for those who need us the most. Self-care care isn’t about being selfish. Self-care is actually self-preservation so that we can take the time to refuel to be ready to go for those we love. Here are a few helpful steps to apply when adopting self-care :

  • Let go of the guilt or need to please in taking sometime out just for yourself . You need it, and you deserve it .
  • Pace yourself . There are only twenty four hours in day. Pace yourself by scheduling out your day or week so you don’t feel the need in taking on the majority of those hours.
  • Rejuvenate in nature.Go for short walk in nature . The vitamin D that’s in sunlight is good as an energy booster.
  • Make time for daily meditation and reflection in the morning before the day starts and before bedtime.
  • Take a nice warm bath to soak those aching muscles .
  • Do something fun that you enjoy . You can take a fun day trip, join a fun fitness class, go to a free concert, try a new restaurant and etc.
  • Take a social media fast. Studies have suggested that the social media can seriously drain, distract us, and affect our mental health. Take a short break and rechannel that energy into something else. If you can’t due to work try modifying your actions, and limit your time on social media.
  • Coordinate within your budget some pamper time. You may choose to get a massage ,pedicure , facial, and etc.
  • Have some adult time. Enjoy a romantic date night, or you can have a nice outing with your friends. .
  • Have a self date night . Enjoy a carefree date night alone in peace having a nice dinner, watching a movie, or even window shopping.

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