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Why Can’t We Rest?

I gave myself permission to take a short “cat nap” after a long week, and I set my alarm to awake me in thirty minutes. My alarm did as it was expected to ring in the allotted time of thirty minutes, but my tired body couldn’t seem to rise out of it’s comfy spot. The next thing I knew I was down for another hour, and if I didn’t have to awake from my nap I could’ve slept all day. There was a tinge of guilt in sleeping in from my usual Sunday, but in truth I know I needed a break. Our fast paced, overly ambitious, constantly going, always planning, and for some needing to prove through the faux glorification of busyness gives the false interpretation of the need to rest as a fault of weakness. However, we need to rest not only for self-care, but we need to rest to rejuvenate the spirit.

Social Acceptance & Approval

Every now and then I take a social media break to rechannel my focus of what truly matters in life without the pressure of visual comparisons. I do more of a post and go lately in sharing a birthday salute to a loved one, insight on a cause of importance, and follow inspirational stories. It’s easier said than done for many of us to not get sucked in comparing our lives, our homes, our families, and even our fashion taste to that of the pristine images that are on constant display for “like” ratings of mass approval. Many of us find ourselves as “swiping junkies” addicted to social media. We can’t fully rest in thought, or even rest at night until our sleepy eyes check the latest updates from blue tinted screens from our phones. Our private thoughts have now become public journals of inquiries of our personal day to day lives. I’m not against social media and I use it in my platform. I however have had my struggles in not allowing the pressure of social acceptance and approval of social media to be idolatry in my life, so I rest from social media often in taking a sabbatical.

Nothing To Prove

We measure success by followers than the mission of sincere purpose in following God’s calling. I love to blog and it’s written therapy for me at times. I pray that in my transparency that someone could be encouraged by my writing. A few years back when I started blogging I felt the pressure of not just enjoying my passion for writing, but to combine my love for writing with everything else but the latter. I enjoy special events of fellowship and empowerment. I don’t host a function unless after prayerful consideration of it’s true intention of purpose. A few years ago after I was interviewed by a local television station about my blog I reached out to chat to someone I knew as well who was interested in women’s empowerment. The conversation sadly stains in memory for she went on about comparing what she did to what I did and said, ” No, I really help people” as if what I did wasn’t “helping ” others. There is nothing wrong with spearheading events, organizing, and bringing others together for a common cause. However, it shouldn’t be for selfish motives of approval or seeking validation as a measure of success. There is no set way to inspire in encouraging others. The diversity of women who have the gift to inspire and uplift each other range from devoted stay-at-home to leaders in business. Wise women know the importance of rest to reflect in making sure their efforts are done in clear conscious, sound mind, and with enough energy to serve those in need along with those at home.

Reevaluate Your Plate

Reevaluating your plate doesn’t give us permission to be a flake on commitments or obligations. It is however necessary to reevaluate our plates as life turns with seasons in making proper adjustments in preventing lackluster efforts, burnout, unnecessary distractions, and to make room for what God has next in line for us to do. There were times where I had to adjust in removing things off of my plate because the needs of my family at the time changed. There were also times where I needed to adjust a few things off my plate because mentally and physically I was drained after over extending myself in not saying “No” to requests from formerly people pleasing. Lastly, through prayer and discernment I have learned to follow through without question if he tells me to release something in letting go. I’ve been guilty as a “Busy Bee” in being busy just to be busy. It’s okay to rest, reflect, and reevaluate where God is redirecting you in this stage of your life.

Rest is needed to recuperate the mind and body. Reflection through study and prayer is needed to act in sound judgment. Reevaluation is need to process the next steps in moving forward. Have no guilt or shame in resting the mind, body, and spirit when needed.

Be blessed beautiful people.

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