Family Matters, Journeys In Motherhood, The Little Things That Count

Awarded From The Start 

   It was the last week of camp for my morning class for which I taught music and movement. I wanted to do something special for my morning large group class  of diverse ages. They were always so enthusiastically willing to participate in whatever I taught them. I decided to give them a little certificate of appreciation in addition to a lollipop. They were as equally grateful as they were with energy in class as I called out each one of their names giving them a hug. I saw two of my daughters who were just as eagerly awaiting their name to be called by “Ms. Mini” for their hard work for which taught me a big lesson in separating work from quality time in being with my own children.

We Want One Too

I honestly in naiveness  thought that since my eldest daughter volunteered in the afternoon classes with me along with living me full time in access as her mother that the award wouldn’t mean a big deal to her. Boy was I wrong! I could see my eldest daughter and one of my twins smiling waiting on me to call their names for their hand clap of praise. My son being an adolescent was fine grubbing on lunch looking at my two daughters with a snare to tell them it wasn’t that serious for them to get one. He was wrong like I was. It was serious and just important to them as anyone else to be appreciated in their efforts . I obliged in awarding them their Sesame Street Certificate of appreciation for music and dance participation. They smiled and waved upon receiving an applause going on about their lunch afterwards.

I Get It 

Parents who work with children outside of the home in any capacity must remember that your children don’t refer to the times you may share in instructing others as their quality time. Your children maybe on the team you coach, or in the class you teach. They may love the experiance in sharing with you in a lead role, but it’s special in modesty to give them words of affirmation just you do with others. We are usally harder on or children if they work with us in wanting them to reach higher expectations than that of their peers in thinking they know our expectations. Their shared experience amongst others in sharing you holds no comparison in seeing you fill their love tanks with words of affirmation to. Yes, I maybe proud of the other students in whatever I do in coaching, instructing, or mentoring. I am duelly proud of my own children who have loving shared not only their gifts and talents with excellence, but they loving share their mother without complaint in so many capacities while I serve youth.  I posted their award signed by their mother on the refrigerator as I do all the others. My eldest daughter asked if I was proud of her. I told her ” Yes, baby girl you were awarded from the start.”

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