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Let Them Help

  You’re in the mindset of getting something done. You’re completely focused, and you have it timed to about when you will be finished. There is a shadow lurking near by, and suddenly you hear a voice that asks, “Mama, can I help?” It’s cute in thoughtfulness at first, but you think in your head the amount of time it will take to show your child what to do. Sometimes in thought within haste or irritation there’s a voice inside that says,”They’re going to just be in the way!” You replay in your mind having the expectation of redoing the task after they turn away. Guess what though? Let them help! It will be worth it in the long term, and I will gladly tell you why. 

 You’re Doing More Than You Think

The notion of “bonding time” slips in a brief moment in distraction after a long day when your child asks to lend a helping hand.We often don’t think about sowing the seeds for our next generation to follow when were grabing their small hands in helping them stir the cake batter.  We never think as our teen is peeking over the hood while we are having car work done, bending over seeing us change a tire, or passing us a tool when asked that one day they will need those handy skills in time of an emergency on the road.  Those moments along with plenty more account more than you will ever know. Let them help.

Lessons Learned 

   I learned a lot about helping around the house doing chores, cooking, and managing a home from my grandparents. It helped when my single mom would come home from work to see dinner cooked, a house clean, and she could relax for a few after a tedious day. My mom is great a laundry! She worked long hours, but I can remember her taking the time at the laundromat in showing me how to fold clothes. Now, I still can’t fold a fitted sheet, but those skills helped me in undergrad while living on my own. My grandfather taught me how to check my tires, put water in the car, and and change a flat. It helped when I learnd how to drive, and I was stranded on the road. 

Not So Perfect 
 The skills my parents and grandparents taught me with love and patience helped shaped the woman and mom that I am today. I look back being so grateful for those lessons and memories to treasure. Do I have my moments when I am in a rush, and I want to get things done? Yes, I completely do. There are times when I do what I need to do alone. However, often I hear a shallow voice asking,” Mama, Can I help?” I push back those rushing thoughts allowing them to fold the laundry, make the bed, wash the car, and whatever else they want. It won’t be prefect, and neither if I do it will it be. I honestly don’t expect it simply because they are asking to learn. A wise older woman told me years ago if a child has the desire to lend a helping hand ” Let them help!”

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