Journeys In Motherhood, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Grace In Grievances : Wisdom In Handling Conflicts

There are moments where my children have disagreements with their fellow siblings leaving one a bit more upset in their feelings.The other sibling is left feeling awkward in wanting to address the issue in making peace so things can go back to their playful norm. My oldest two children are at the age where they… Continue reading Grace In Grievances : Wisdom In Handling Conflicts

Family Matters

Frick & Frack : A Forever Bond 

   I remember our side eyed connection that we shared growing up as children when we were both laughing from the inside about something. We definitely wouldn't share our inside joke outwardly from the fear of getting into trouble by our mother from our father's hilarious antics at the dinner table for our annual Friday night family… Continue reading Frick & Frack : A Forever Bond