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Don’t Take It Personal: Understanding The Projection of Hatefulness

There are some people who are at war with themselves internally, yet they fight vicariously through others. They choose to project their inner conflict in fighting towards others in acting in hate, and the worst feeling is being a target for their wrath. Toxic personalities and those who haven’t recognized through acknowledgment of acting out from hurt feed off of conflict, opposition, and dissension in getting a temporary fix for a deep wound that only God can heal. They leave a wreckage of emotional collateral damage, infliction of pain, confusion, and unnecessary drama to those in their path from their internal battles.

It can be upsetting at first in wondering why someone who you have no issues with chooses to have a spiteful list of issues towards you. It’s hard not to take it personal, but don’t take it personal as if it’s your fault or their issues have anything to do with you. In truth, they may actually desire from their cruel behavior purposefully for you to take it personal. It’s sadly a defense mechanism from deep rooted hurt, shame, bitterness, jealousy, and insecurity that has nothing to do with you. How people treat you isn’t a reflection about who you are, but a reflection on who they really are in character.

Despite the deliberate actions of aggressiveness or passive aggressiveness from someone don’t take it personal. Pray for those who cause you pain, distance yourself as best you can if it’s a negative coworker, spend as less time as you can if they are a family member, and you may have to say goodbye if it seems like your friend is inflicting more pain than a maintaining a healthy relationship. Trust your intuition obediently if it says you have to remove them or yourself from the overall situation for peace. A part of growing in God’s love is growing in self love which also translates to having self-respect.Just know that their battle of acting hateful had nothing really to do with you no matter how strongly the attacks felt. They were sadly only battling internally with themselves.

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