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Rejection Broken Down 3 Ways

We don’t openly share about rejection due to the fact that oftentimes we see rejection as a personal attack, a rub against our ego, and a measure of adequacy. In truth there, are three ways to look at rejection in growing both spiritually, emotionally, professionally without taking it as personal defeat.

Rejection For Your Protection

I believe that sometimes God sends us rejection as a preventive measure in protecting us. I can recall an experiance where I felt completely defeated in being told that I wouldn’t qualify for a raise despite my workload growing with continued responsibilities added unrelated to my position at a particular job. I was also offered a position that was later abused in being dangled over my head in a form of manipulate abuse. I could feel my heart sink, and I begin to question my choice of a career in fine arts. I knew the environment was toxic, but I somehow still “trusted” that this would be as best as it would get in doing what I did in a profession. The environment and management continued to be unpredictable and hostile for which I later took a leap of faith in resigning. It was only two days later that I received an offer to do what I enjoy in a more stable career field. I was also informed that a month after I was told that I was going nowhere with my career by a supervisor that the company did a major downsizing of staff with the same supervisor being one of the first to go. I wish no ill feelings towards anyone at that particular place of employment, and I hold no bitterness towards anyone because of their words. I am however grateful that God set the wheels in motion for me to receive the signs to leave even through rejection, because I would’ve continued to stay missing out on the call for his growth for my life in a new season.

From Rejection to Redirection

There are times that what appears as rejection is actually God’s way of redirecting us. I enjoy writing not only blogs, but I’ve wrote plays for years as well. I’ve worked on many short plays with youth. I was invited by a parent from a past production to share in creating a play for their youth department. I was excited to work with some more talented young people sharing what I love. I was caught off guard when the parent introduced me to one of the advisors of the department in seeing how cold she was. I reached to greet her in a handshake, and she said stated nonchalantly ” I already know who you are.” The parent who was kind told me to send the information about the production, and she set up a meeting date for all of us to breakdown practice dates. I hurried making copies with my three girls in tow to make it to the “meeting” leaving work “. I introduced myself to the receptionist, and I waited 10 minutes in the lobby. I recieved a text after waiting patiently for the meeting scheduled that the advisor wouldn’t be able to meet because she had to attend her son’s game. I am all for family first, but I am also first for decent courtesy. I never heard back from anyone from the department other the parent sincerely apologizing for the last minute notice that caught her off guard to. I took it as a sign to continue writing because your work is being noticed, but more importantly it’s time to create your own production. It was the redirection I needed to trust in God fully in being faithful with his gifts that he has giving me.

Rejection For Growing Tenacity For The Better

There are times that when we are experiencing rejection and possibly seasons of such that it helps us grow in tenacity. I noticed that what seems to come easy isn’t always appreciated. What comes easy or without much opposition can become easily taken for granted. Growing up as a little girl in the inner city I was the first in my immediate family to graduate from college. I was first child and grandchild in my family being raised by my maternal side. My college career was difficult in having a mom battling cancer, working two jobs, and caring for a young son, financial struggles, but I am grateful that I didn’t give up. I have respect for my degree despite the struggles to obtain it. I’ve had my share of rejections and “No’s” after submitting a job application or leaving an interview. It took over a decade to finally find something full time, not grant related, with decent pay in caring for a family, and that could offer benefits in a career. In truth, I am still humble knowing despite my experience that I am still in the budding stage in developing in my career in both being a blogger and teacher. The rejection taught me to work on my craft, be humble in taking what I could to help with the family, be creative, stay faithful, research, and trust in God.

A Different Look At Rejection

I have grown to look at rejection differently. I don’t see rejection as something negative all the time. I have never had a relationship shift with a friend or etc that later I didn’t see good in that departure within the transition. There was never a job that was rejected following an interview or the ending of a season within working for company that later something better didn’t come along. There was never a season of ” No’s ” that God didn’t later grant the favor of some mighty “Yes’s” to grow me in a greater purpose. Never let rejection get you down knowing that God has your path aligned with covering love all the way.

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