Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Where Did This Come From?: Decluttering The Mind To Grow In The Spirit

I called myself decluttering around the house to prepare for the new season. I didn’t realize that we’ve accumulated so much junk! I was taking back in seeing in excess so much stuff that was not needed, and there were a few things that didn’t belong to anyone in the house. We seemed to just take them on as if they were ours allowing them to hold up space. We also took on to many things that were giving to us out politeness. I thought to myself about how many unnecessary things we hold on to in not only the physical form, but in the mind that heavily influenced us that’s taking up space.

This Is Doesn’t Belong To Me!

We can accumulate biases, judgments, prejudices, bitterness, and hang ups from other sources that later impact us in the now. I wrote the blog Remove, Rebuild, & Restore as a personal objective of releasing anything that was hindering me from being all that God had called me to be. We can take on some unwanted thoughts and patterns from our childhood growing up in seeing the world and others in a distorted view from our upbringing. We can find ourselves if we’re not careful taking on thoughts, patterns, issues, and petty conflicts of our friends or associates if we try to seek acceptance in joining the bandwagon. We can loose sight of God’s purpose and will for our lives if we choose to seek worldly admiration, influences, and comparisons.

Choose to be prayerful in what you entertain or take on in your life. If you’re holding on to anything that is unproductive and hindering your growth let it go. If you find yourself constantly in strife from hatred, anger, resentment, and acting in an ungodly way towards others because of what you know or “think you know” about someone due to what someone said release that burden. Lastly, study following the word of God in outlining your path for all that he’ll have for you to be instead of bunking under pressure of worldly influences. If you don’t need it or if something is taking up space preventing you to grow declutter the mind in evolving the spirit.

Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews: 12: 1

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