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Faith, Family, And Friends: The Real Prospective

“Faith, Family, and Friends” is now a catchy hashtag. I’m guilty of using the phrase often in my social media post as well. There are plenty of specialty stores that have” Faith, Family, & Friends”engraved on cups, potholders, aprons, curtains, and you name it on them. The three words are often synonymous in being grouped together in equaling life’s balance, yet many of us can agree that the balancing act of all we juggle is much harder than an imprint on a cool shirt. However, if we choose to simplify the complexity of life with those three words we can grow deeper in Christ with an appreciation for all that truly matters in life.


Faith is first personally to me. Faith is the pillar in guiding us how to manage our relationships and interactions despite the differences of their depth. What you believe in is usually what you stand for. My faith in God and his word is a guiding light in handling life’s challenges, instruction on how to be a good wife and mother, hope for when life seems to be daunting, and a beckon of promise for the future. My faith in Jesus Christ as Savior is an example of pure unconditional love that as a sinner I need and welcome especially on my darkest days. God is the higher power greater than ourselves that we must be humble to respect, reverence, and respond to within our faith through belief.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11: 1


I view family life much differently since becoming a single parent through divorce. I see the beauty, need, and the responsibility that lays before me when I look at the bright eyes of our children. I know what I instill in them will transfer to future generation within our clan. There is no family that is perfect, my family is far from perfect, yet I wouldn’t trade the family I have for the world. When we honor the family we have through love, grace, acceptance, and offer forgiveness in ironing out grievances we are acting as Jesus did towards us. I keep family within our home first priority, making sure my children have a healthy relationship with our intermediate family, our extended family with attending family functions, and I treasure those who are like family without having a blood tie. I didn’t plan a life to co-parent, yet I know that children need love from both parents. Therefore I know that despite divorce that differences are to be put aside so that children can have the freedom to love, share time with, and there shouldn’t be any interference with personal agendas in putting them in the middle that could hinder them in having a healthy relationship with their fathers.

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. Mark 10: 9


I’ve learned through age and maturity that friendship is a serious component within personal growth. It’s important for us to be wise, selective, and responsible with our friendships. The term ” friend” has become so loose since Facebook, but I believe that being considered a friend is an honor, and we shouldn’t project the term to others so easily. We balance many interpersonal relationships daily, but friendship is a relationship of a higher value. The more I’ve grown to be in tune with myself, who I am, and more importantly who I am in Christ I’ve since learned my “people”. It’s a blessing to discover your tribe of people who love you and get you. Friendship is tricky when you grow older and begin parenting. Your life is stretched on time, resources, and energy when you become a parent, so it’s essential to find friends beneficial in mutual spirit. The best of friendships and the longest will have trying seasons. We must learn how to apply God’s grace, forgiveness, and love in maintaining connections. Sure, there will be some bad friends that enter our lives, but use those negative friendships as life lessons. There will be some friendships that will run there course in season, but I allow appreciation of the good times to rid my heart of any bitterness of the circumstance. Treasure the good friendships in your life as heaven sent, an value your friendships at best within action.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

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