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Redefining What It Means To Be Special Needs!

Times are changing in our society with the perception of  how we view those living with autism. Many parents, educators, and caregivers see the amazing personalitys and skills of those with special needs. Check out this blog as we share our story of our daughter Paris, and how she changed our world for the better. 

Purpose Filled Mommy with Minimarie

There seems to be more of a growth in awareness, openness, and acceptance with those living with autism. This makes me so excited as a parent with a beautiful autistic child in seeing finally as a society we are redefining our perception of those with special needs and autism! Many parents and teachers have long known the amazing lives of children with autism before the more recent popularity of focus. Many parents like myself kind of kept things close to home as families of their triumphs, challenges, personalities, and achievements within their disabilities of the safety of our walls. Social media along with many celebrities who are parents of children with special needs or who have come forward with being on the autistic spectrum have opened our eyes to redefining what we thought being “special needs” really was. My hope is that we continue to break down barriers, perceptions, and…

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