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Let Him Grow : Allowing Your Baby Boy To Grow Into A Young Man

There comes a point when every mother witnesses the transition of her once baby boy growing into his own in transitioning into manhood. There are some transitions in between the season of the big "M" word of manhood that mothers along with their sons try their best to adjust to in allowing their sons to… Continue reading Let Him Grow : Allowing Your Baby Boy To Grow Into A Young Man

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Tough Love : You Can’t Fake Self- Love & Confidence

There are somethings in life that you can't fake it until you make it and confidence within truly loving yourself is one them. I truly feel that confident parents who have a true understanding of God's calling for their lives and who are secure with themselves raise children who in turn are the same. I… Continue reading Tough Love : You Can’t Fake Self- Love & Confidence

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Family Tests

 Many us see pristine family photos online of happy families. Those images don't accurately depict what may be going on behind the scenes. Those images don't accurately depict what many of us have experienced growing up or what we may be experiencing within our families at this given time. We may find ourselves within moments… Continue reading Family Tests

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She Was Made with Gail Lee Gardner: Mom On The Move

I got a chance to interview and chat with Gail Lee Gardner, the founder of She Was Made. Gail uses her platform to encourage women to live a life full of purpose through determination. She shares "Live" video chats about her own personal life by living the example of what she speaks. She keeps it real, honest, and direct which makes her approach even more welcoming for all women to connect to her message. She's also a single mother of two active boys. We had a chance to share on the topics of living life with purpose, parenting as a single mother, the challenges of dating as a single mother, beauty tips, and more.