Spiritual Growth and Understanding

No More Rebounds

    Rebound relationships and instant commitments made from the haste of a broken heart are dangerous for your spiritual and emotional well being. These relationships from the start are built on a shaky foundation of unresolved issues. Many times we seek the comfort in rebound relationships as a temporary fix from hurt, pain, anger, and from us running from not taking responsibility of ownership for our own misdeeds.  

    Rebound relationships can be any type of rushed connection and attachment not just in the romantic sense. These rebound relationships can be friendships or professional.  We can make the mistake of job and church hopping all in the desperate search  of finding love and acceptance. When hurt some of us go to what’s new and what’s near to fill our empty love tanks. Those connections don’t workout usually because they’re superficial.
Only God can fill your love tank when it’s running on empty. Only God can grant  you the peace, guidance, and comfort needed to heal when you are broken. Place your energy on studying his word and developing a personal relationship with Christ to recover your wounded spirit before giving of yourself in mind, body, soul, and even of your talents before you’re ready. 

Take some time to heal. Don’t jump from lover to lover. Don’t jump from one circle of friends to another. Don’t jump from one church to another. Don’t go from one project to another. Peace be still. Your time is coming just wait on the Lord. He hears our cries, and he will heal our hearts. 

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