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Who Can I Run To?

There was an old school song from the 90’s that I would hear my mother play on the radio sung passionately by the R&B group Xscape entitled, “Who Can I Run To?” The song along with it’s interpretation within it’s lyrics were in reference to love. The question can also be applied in using discernment, patience, and self discipline in knowing who to run to in times of need.

The Power Of The Tongue

I’m pretty transparent in being a blogger,vlogger, and speaker in sharing different areas of my life. There is a thin line between being transparent through our authenticity of what we’re going through in connecting with others that we have to be mindful for in not over exposing. There are incidents about our past that can aid in encouraging others through testimony that we can share, but we must have the confirmation from God to know when ( and also who) to disclose to. I can attest to times where I may have been to open, and I should’ve been more wise in being open to personal disclosures out of needing someone to listen to my cry of hurt, pain, and needing to vent it out. I’ve learned from those past mistakes to be wiser with the use of my words in protecting myself and loved ones. There will be times where we may want to vent out frustrations and grievances. We must first know though that what we put out in the atmosphere about our lives to others can’t be reversed once it hits the ears of others. It’s important to be wise in caution about sharing things about ourselves, our family members, loved ones and others. You don’t have to hold everything inside, but before we run to others with our issues and concerns for counsel we should make our first efforts to consult God in prayerful reflection.

Honoring Our Relationships

The relationships that we build and establish with others have value that we should honor. Yes, our family members, friends, and those we call loved ones should be supportive. They are to be a listening ear, but we can’t strain our relationships by using them solely as emotionally dumping grounds. We can’t constantly use our connection to others in emotionally dumping on them because we risk in putting a strain on those relationships. Our loved ones can provide sound advice, comfort, and relief, but those relationships can only bare in carrying so much weight from our pleas. They can only fill up our love tanks to a certain point. God will place the right people in our lives to be of support, and confirmation of his word, but we can’t take advantage of that by not trusting in him. We must be wise in making sure that those we run to are those who can offer sound godly advice and encouragement. We must honor our relationships with others with the understanding that no matter how close they are, no matter how much care they have for our cause, and no matter how much they may try in offering help they are limited by not being our power source of divine comforting assurance. We can share with our loved ones, but always know that in all that we go through we can run to God. God is a listening ear though good times and bad times.

Unconditional Bond

God loves us with a bond that surpasses our human ability to give in being unconditional. He can carry fully the weight of our past, present, and all we may go through in the future without taking his love for us away in a sincere bond. If we constantly run to our friends with our issues eventually depending on the dynamics of the relationship even the most caring friend will create distance. God will never say that you or your burdens are to much to handle. Our loved ones are taking it day by day in living their lives balancing busy schedules. Our dearest loved one wouldn’t be able to respond immediately to our needs 24 hours / 7 days a week, and we selfishly shouldn’t place that on them to do so. God is with us at all times for whenever we feel the need to consult him about whatever is on our hearts.

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