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You’re Better Than That : Growing In Accountability

There’s a distinct moment in every parent’s life where we observe our children acting in disobedience from the lessons we instilled in them for the better. We are disappointed in their behavior because we know we gave them from the best of our knowledge instruction to act better because we see the best in them. We’re not immune to character flaws that humble us in the ways we see we need to grow for improvement to have a rewarding life, relationships, and more meaningful connections. Christ loves us like no other offering us forgiveness for our sins as our Heavenly Father, but we most learn to take full accountability for our actions in growing closer to Him in living a life as true doers of his word.

Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord ” Lamentations 3:40

Petty Level Realness

Have you ever had an encounter that really pushed your buttons? Well, if you are bashful in admitting it, I will. There are everyday scenarios and interactions where my ability to handle situations are truly tested from acting petty in anger to the better of a purpose filled life in living intentional. Sometimes I succeed in being proactive in acting calm, compassionate, and patient despite the offense. There are other times where I am boiling inside wanting to stand up for myself in giving a piece of mind in fighting the desire to inflict the nuance from a slight or offense right back. Growing in Christ will definitely convict you in acting in immaturity, spiteful, and actions from bitterness. God can’t bless us in our mess. We can’t live a life of purposefulness and pettiness simultaneously. We may have the ablity to strike back after a sharp remark, but it doesn’t mean we have to give it power within our reponse with our energy. There’s no need in digging salt on a wound of a loved one simply because you have access of personal knowledge on how to hurt them in an grievance. Christ guides us as a loving parent talking to a pouting child whose angered when things don’t go our way to act in wisdom, love, and grace ( even when we don’t want to) with actions that are pleasing to his sight in handling conflicts. He knows we’re better than that when we act in pettiness.

Get rid of all bitterness, rage, and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.” Ephesians 4:31

Learning How To Take Ownership

We live in a time that has made it very comfortable for us to not accept accountability for our actions in shifting blame through worldly theories and philosophies. The truth is we can choose to find comfort through sassy online quotes, but there’s no quote that gives comforting honesty like the word of God. My children and I have an honest dialogue in discussing grievances here at home where each person shares their side of a conflict in seeing how collectively all parties involved can grow. We can’t over use words such as ” toxic” in describing every negative interaction with down playing the importance of taking ownership for actions to grow for the better. I’m learning in my walk with Christ that it’s also a growth within myself and my relationships with others. The next time we are tempted to snap, retaliate out of pettiness, venture to being reactive instead of proactive, burden our hearts from resentment, and find pleasure in victimhood to break that mindset. Christ loves you in having so many awesome plans for your life because you’re better than that!

” Happy Are The Pure In Heart” Matthew 5: 8

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