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The Difference In Being Alone And Being Lonely: Enjoying Alone Time

I’ve learned through age, maturity, and in carrying the balancing act of marriage, family, and a slew of interpersonal relationships built from other areas of my life the distinction of being alone and being lonely. The delicate understanding of acknowledging my combination of being both extroverted and introverted allows me to have an appreciation of both roles in my life in excitement of connecting my energy and pleasured solitude. A recent quick trip to the fair to check up on artwork from my class switched into me taking a trip back into my teen years jumping on some of the most thrilling rides enjoying them happily solo.

Mommy Adventures

I take advantage of rare alone time to explore museums, watch a matinee snacking on popcorn uninterrupted, window shop, or to go on a stroll in a scenic nature spot just to think. There are moments where I enjoy sharing those experiences with my family, sometimes a close girlfriend joins in with me, but I usually use my ” me time ” in happy reflective discovery. I’ve always since childhood been able to share in special occasions with others or by myself without the actual need to have someone there to make the moment extra spectacular. Maybe it’s the secret side of me that enjoys occasional sabatcles of alone time without distractions, or it could by the fact that I was the only daughter raised around all brothers that granted me more time to myself while my brothers did their own thing.

Enjoying A Day Trip Out Of Town To The South Carolina State Museum

There’s Nothing Wrong With Riding Solo

I think it’s been ingrained in us that in order to have fun you have to have someone by your side to share in the experience. I totally disagree with needing company at all times to enjoy the pleasures and thrills in life. I occasionally share a wonderful outing alone, and invite the whole family so that we share in the fun together from what I alone discovered. I take the kids to the zoo often, and I decided on a day trip to visit the zoo’s Botanical Garden. I ran into someone who recognized me from our former homeschooling group who asked, ” Where are the kids, and are you alone?” I shared with her that they were having some “Daddy Time” per his request, and I came so I could really see the animals and view the beauty of the garden. We both shared a hearty laugh in understanding the seriousness of the joke, and we went our separate ways. I love going to the zoo with the kids, but alone I saw things I never knew that it featured.

Don’t Know A Stranger

I am far from being antisocial although I have nothing against those who are. My family and friends joke with me that I never meet a stranger no matter where I go. My parents equally shared personalities that were open, and they could naturally connect with strangers without trying as if they’ve known them since forever. I guess some people have a personality that people just talk to, and I inherited some of those traits from my parents. I’ll a blige in conversation with a stranger on my alone time. I usually don’t regret it. I got on a ride called, The Pirate at the fair, and three teenagers asked to join me while I sat alone. I told them it’s more fun if you wave your hands high in the air as the ride goes down. The girls and I screamed and laughed with excitement on the ride. They later asked me if I wanted to accompany them on a few other rides, I smiled but politely declined. I picked up a smoked turkey leg that I knew couldn’t I eat by myself, took a bite of a sweet powdery funnel cake, and I jumped on the ride called, The Himalayas. I saw a few people I recognized getting on the ride, and I waved, “Hello!” I strapped in alone for the ride, secured my hat, and when the ride started to go fast I put my hands in the air smiling in glee. Rides are so much fun when you learn how to let go in freedom in being in the moment.

It’s great having others around in sharing life’s experiences, adventures, conversations, and pleasures, but don’t depend on the company of others solely to embrace the full joy of living life to the fullest.

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  1. This is very nice… being alone and/or being lonely is something I deal with from time to time but finding that I’m happy being who God made me to be and becoming better at that makes for a happy heart.

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