Family Matters, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Seasons & Promise


 I was teaching my toddlers a medley of the four seasons. I saw the smile in their innocent eyes which made me think about life’s seasons. We’ve had our share of shifts in seasons as a famliy. We’ve celebrated in times of joy, we’ve shared tears in losses, and we look foward to the future with our faith knowing God is in control no matter what. I’ve had my personal seasons in life that truly tested me in strength. Those seasons developed me spiritually, and it empowered me in personal growth. Which ever the wind blows in seasons through the cold, rain, drought, and sunshine we have to keep our faith in God trusting in his promise to be by our side.

Seasons & Family 

 As parents we see the shift in seasons with our children as they grow evolving into maturity within the mind and body. Families go through seasons that aren’t as predictable as summer, winter, spring, and fall. We’ve had seasons within our careers of growth, and we’ve had seasons of losses. We had to adopt in a new way of life due to major decisions regarding our children’s education. We’ve shared in seasons where the roles we normally would perform were completely shifted to do what at the time was the best for our family. Our family had to make some difficult choices which at time seemed unbearable, but it later showed that we were unbreakable. We had to come together as a family in prayer trusting that within each shift that what God  was doing for our family was for our good in developing us as a united front.

Loses & Gaines

   I have had seasons like fall where the harvest in new opportunities, financial blessings, and meeting new friends made my soul rejoice in praise. I’ve shared seasons of drought like summer where it seemed nothing was working out the way I expected, my efforts felt defeated despite the hardwork, friends were few, and we lost some dear loved ones. I learned during seasons of plenty to save for the winter. I’ve adopted the mindset of gratitude in taking whatever the season as what it is counting it all joy. Our Heavenly Father promised us that no matter life’s season that he will guide us in direction, supply our needs, open up a breakthrough where it’s needed, and will walk by our side all the way. Seasons may change, but God stays the same.


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