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The Big Transition: Back To Work Mom!

    I’ve held a job pretty much since my teenage years. I knew though like most mothers who take a pause for a length of time to focus more on family that going back to work full-time was going to be a big adjustment. I made the decision to leave the workforce after the birth of my twins while watching their fight in the NICU. I wanted to be there for all of my children more leaving working full time. I don’t regret the period I left work to focus on our family’s pressing needs at that time. I knew however, when it was my time to return back to work. I could feel in my spirit as they grew in maturity, and I saw my twins developments improve that I was ready to finally return. I was sure to be guided in sound mind with making my decision.

Weighing The Possibilities

    I begin to consider the possibility of going back to work following the twins third birthday. We completed our various in home therapies that took up most of our days during the week. We homeschooled during that time, and we loved it. We enjoyed the flexibility, freedom, and creativity in learning. My eldest two however, shared their personal interests in returning to pubic school. I did many things while being a stay-at- home outside of homeschooling and tending to the twins needs. I founded a homeschooling co-op where weekly classes were held, became public with Purpose Filled Mommy, volunteered around our local area, and taped into my creative genius as a blogger. I enjoyed doing what I love with my broadcasting degree with public speaking engagements, vlogging, and being the emcee on some weekends for local events. Similarly, I was feeling the same way as my eldest two in returning back to work to challenge myself more in a different outlet. 

Bumps, Hills, & Bruises 

   I can recall a conversation with my husband in contemplating a return back to work a year prior to my current position.  I got my first call back unexpectedly within a few weeks for an instructor position at a Youth Detention Center.  I knew how rare it was to get a call back, so I followed through with the interview accepting the position after it was offered. I later regretted it fully. I loved working with young people, and I enjoyed working with the youth there despite their backgrounds. It was a combinations of many factors along with doing a three in one job to learn that it wasn’t the best environment for me. I hired a relative as a nanny for the day time to help with the children in keeping their co-op schedule of activities while I home-schooled in the afternoons. The out of pocket expenses, stress on the job, managing my support group, and more importantly taking care of my duties at home proved to suggest that this wasn’t the right timing in season.  I humbly took a step back to regroup prayerfully before  making my next move.

When It’s Right You Will Know  

    I learned a valuable lesson in appreciation within the availability of being at home with my children. We all did! Although my oldest two entered public school I was actively involved in participation at school.  The twins were offered an opportunity to participate in day program that would help them with their developmental delays , interact with other children, go on trips, and allowed me to play an active role at the center. I was in a good place, and I saw my kids happy in their new places. I begin to revisit the possibility of working outside of the home again. I have taught performance arts both in the public and private sector for years. I taught in various capacities while being a homemaker. I received a surprised call to teach African Dance at a church’s summer camp. I enjoyed my time there working with the children. It was awesome to share the experience with my children as “mini assistants” in helping me with my classes. I was later asked if I was interested to return for the fall school year as the Performance Art teacher. I accepted the position gratefully. I feel happy to share this new season with my children who attend as students. I am blessed to not only teach one child, but I volunteer with my children who are in other classes. The adjustment to going back to work wasn’t smooth sailing, but I take the good with the challenging times. I knew in my heart that it was my season as a mom to walk purposefully in this new transition. 

Here are my tips for moms considering or going back to work: 

  •  Make sure before you make your decision to consider child care, out of pocket expenses, and  added ajustments for the whole family before saying “Yes” for a position. Make sure going back to work will be a benefit and not a strain on your family.
  • Consider your options for returning back of  either full-time or part time. There is nothing wrong with gradually moving to full time.
  • Do your best to find a job that you love, could excel at, or enjoy. Money isn’t everything.
  • Know that working outside of the home involves interacting with different personalities. Always show respect, courtesy, and love people where they are.
  • Create a realistic schedule to balance work, family, and home life to not overwhelm yourself. Delegate responsibilities to have everyone pitch in at home.
  • Have a cool down ritual after work to group, get centered, and unwind. Be sure to get enough sleep at night. 
  •  Understand that you will have to reconsider  or limit some of your involvement in various activities in releasing somethings off of your plate.
  • Give yourself grace. You don’t have to wear a superwoman cape. 
  • Honor your time and energy by blocking out distractions that bring you down.
  • Adopt a rest day period point blank! Honor your weekends to rest and recuperate. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this is very inspiring for anyone considering going back to work, school or making a big change to their life. There is so much to consider and you highlighted this very well!

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