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A Promise Is A Promise !

Kids may forget to push their chairs under the table after dinner, but they never forget a promise. They are like the elephant that never forgets! My eldest daughter asked before the start of summer to go on a one on one road trip together to the beach. She is very sweet in demeanor, but she made it clear that she just wanted the two of us. I’ve shared a monthly date night with her and her older brother since the birth of the twins to kind of soften the blow of two micro premature babies coming in the midst shaking things up. She loves her date nights, and I can truly say that she adores her siblings. I could tell in her voice in asking that our little “mini road trip” to the beach was a thought out plan for her love language of quality time.

“But Mom You Promised !”

I was plundering in my mind away to share in my moment with Paige to visit the beach without excluding my other kiddos in being left out for some water fun to. Most kids love the beach, and I was sure they would’ve wanted to come to. Summer had a major change of plans. I taught a summer camp that lasted most of the summer, and I had a summer filled with weekend speaking of engagements. My daughter wouldn’t let up in sharing her concern if we would ever make it to the sandy beach shores for our girls’ trip. It was two weeks before school was about to begin. I gave her a kiss while brushing her curly strands. She didn’t have to say a word. Her brown eyes said it loud and clear “Mom you promised me.” What was a mom to do?

Road Trip!

Summer camp closed with an awesome bang! I had some extra time and saved a few extra funds to share with the kiddos some great moments locally for “wet & wild” summer fun outings. My son left to spend time with his dad preparing for the upcoming school year for back to school shopping.The twins were occupied as usual in tag team antics with each other around the house. I probably asked a hundred times in those few months in inquiring if she was sure she didn’t want her siblings or a friend to join us. She politely made it clear that she wanted just the two of us. The calendar showed that we had one weekend left before I started work and the kids were back in school. We decided this would be the perfect time to hit the road towards the nearest beach on a road trip.

Sand & Pralines

The night before we stopped by to pick up a few last minute summer discounts on some reasonable swim wear, shades, and road snacks. Who can beat cool $2.00 hats? Tybee Island and beautiful Savannah, Georgia were the closest to our longing for sand and waves. She could hardly sleep the night before. She was grateful to have the assurance from her big brother in his words “It’s all good Paige. Go have fun!” One twin sister could careless and the other just asked for her to bring something back. I squared away her fellow siblings for the day knowing we were set to go.We hit the road in stride with no traffic! We enjoyed a few hours relaxing on the beach, and later we took a stroll through downtown River Street in Savannah window shopping. We also stopped by the famous candy stores to have sandwiches, gelato, and sample pralines. She gave me the biggest hug before she knocked out for the long drive back. I may not do all of my children’s requests. I won’t “spoil them rotting” as my mother would say. It did feel nice though as a parent to make a simple wish come true. In truth, mama longed for some beach time as much as her “Sugar Bear” did to!

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