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No More Crying Over Spilled Milk : God Restores

Most of us as parents can relate to various scenarios where our children freaked out in emotion from a simple spill of a drink, thinking they’ve lost something that was actually staring them right in their faces, needing comfort from being let down by someone they cared for, or thinking it was the end of the world when they experienced an unexpected change. We comfort our children in assuring them that things will be okay when then things don’t go as planned in restoring their hopes in loving comfort. God is telling us as well as our Heavenly Father not to lose hope in keeping our faith steadfast when things happen unexpectedly, our plans go awry, when we encounter our own spills, and when our world seems to take a dramatic shift that he’s still there in control with the full power to restore what he has for us in his plan.

My Child There’s More

My six year old daughter spilled some milk on the table which dripped to the floor. I could see her big brown eyes beginning to well up. Her siblings made comments about how clumsy she can be. I could see that she felt embarrassed, she felt guilty as if she did something wrong, she worried if she would be in trouble, and she had a look of concern as if there wasn’t a half gallon of milk sitting in the fridge that I was actually praying for the kids to finish because of the soon to be expiration date was approaching. I kissed her forehead, gave her a kitchen towel to wipe up her spill, and I spoke to her older siblings about their tone within their comments of her mishap of a spill that they actually could’ve helped her clean up instead of judging her. Her twin sister had her back in giving her a precious assuring hug. She was giving a full glass of milk that she was more cautious in appreciation for later laughing at the table as if nothing ever happened.We can easily apply this scenario to our lives as Christian believers to how God comforts us, sends assurance, always provides more, chastises those who attempts to cause shame to his children, and restores what we thought was no more to have.

Instead of shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And you will inherit a double portion in your land and everlasting joy will be yours. Isaiah 61:7

Stop Crying Over Spilled Milk!

I’ve had my share of losses in life that I thought couldn’t be redeemed. I’ve had my own “spills” in life that were accidental, and there were some “spills” in life that came simply because I was acting in disobedience. I was as emotionally distraught inside (Okay, let’s be honest sometimes the outside too.) as a little child when things in life didn’t happen as I may have wanted or planned. I can say this though, that when I look back God restored each time within those moments where I was struggling with lost. There was also a lesson to be learned in each situation that lead me to a deeper understanding of purpose within those situations. There were some spills that I had to take full ownership of what I caused in being guided by the Lord in action like a parent to their child in giving a kitchen towel to wipe up. I personally believe that nothing just happens in life. There were also times when I felt like it was the end of the world when a major change was occurring in my life that actually benefited me better later on down the road. It wasn’t that God restored everything that I lost materialistic at times. There were some connections that never quite stayed how they initially began that the ties needed to be severed from those relationships. However, God restored what I questioned through shaky faith through his word a deeper spiritual understanding of his ultimate promises in things working out for my good from what I thought was lost. The spiritual and emotional growth of intelligence of not crying over what life gives us as moments of “spilled milk” won’t allow me to break my trust in God in “spilled milk” scenarios. I’ve experienced God restore my health through healing, opportunities through favor, my finances through blessings, and relationships that I thought that had a nail in the coffin!I’ve learned to stop crying over spilled milk when things don’t go as planned in counting what was lost because in trusting in God’s word, bearing witness of what God has restored for what I thought was lost, knowing the sacrifice that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins, and seeing life through the vision of gratitude. I have way to many gains to count the losses of what God has restored.

Be blessed beautiful people!

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