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6 Simple Ways To Encourage Home Literacy As A Family

I love books! Books were a great escape for me as child to explore the world around me. I wanted to afford my children the opportunity to have that same passion for reading here at home. My mother instilled in my siblings and I the importance of reading, but as a former homeschooling mom and now as a middle school teacher I know the benefits first hand for my children in growing in literacy for their future. I try my best to incorporate six simple ways here at home to encourage literacy with my children to aid them in reading, comprehension, and to have joy in loving a good book.

My favorite throwback of my kiddos on the couch enjoying a good storybook .
My favorite throwback of my kiddos on the couch enjoying a good storybook .
  • Have a diverse selection and range of books ready, available, and easily accessible at home. Supply various reading materials like magazines, newspapers, and interactive sources of learning.
  • Set a positive example in allowing your children to see you reading offline.
  • Watch a movie in relation to a book, series, or in exploring a country to compare and contrast.
  • Honor the benefits of story time. Share a story read out loud with younger children in allowing them to select their favorite book. Strengthen sibling connections by having older siblings read out loud to their younger siblings.
  • Incorporate books into daily life lessons, a family field trip, or trying to cook a new recipe!
  • Make your local or nearest library a regular place to visit. The library has more than books, and is full of activities for the whole family.

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