Spiritual Growth and Understanding

The Chains Are Broken

The chains that have us bound aren’t linked to a forever status of our circumstances unless we choose to accept defeat in being locked bound in forever turmoil.

He brought them out of darkness, the utter darkness, and broke away their chains. Psalms 107 : 14 NIV

My It’s Dark”

The first thing my 5 year old twin daughter Paris says when we enter a movie theater is,” It’s getting dark!” In her mind she walked in a bright movie theater to see a colorful cartoon, but as we sit in our seats to cozy up to watch the film the theater lights goes from dim to complete darkness. Yes, the smell of popcorn let’s her know we are in the movies, mom is juggling the expensive movie theater snacks while holding hands ( Going to the movies with kids is pretty pricy now a days), we pass others in heading to our seats, but when the theater gets dark in a brief moment she gets scared like we’re in a tramped place of darkness with nowhere to go. Life can be the same way when we’re in our dark places. We feel like a scared child tramped with nowhere to go, bound to tight seats, surrounded by strangers who can’t relate to our stories, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Identifying The Links & Breaking The Chains

One of the things that help me be encouraged when I decided to break free of some major chains that held me bound in my life was to identify the “links” in knowing how strong they were in holding me down to not being all that God wanted me to be. When I begin to understand the links that were connected such as accepting unhealthy cycles, bad spending habits, choosing to stay in toxic connections, low self-esteem, living in the past, running away from my problems, and not understanding the power of the tongue I then knew what had me” locked” within the chains. We have to understand the links within the chain to see how much of a stronghold certain patterns and mentalities have on lives. Have you ever noticed that an image of some one breaking free from chains often shows the locks tied at the wrists, but the links are what is broken in strength?

For God will break the chains that bind his people and the whip that scourges them, just as he did when he destroyed the vast host of Midianites by Gideon’s little band. Isaiah 9;4

Our chains are a diverse as we are and our families, but through God in the name of Jesus they are broken!

Break The Chains!

  • Break chains of being tied to the past.
  • Break the chains of detrimental soul ties and connection romantic or other.
  • Break the chains of financial strain and poverty.
  • Break the of repeated unhealthy cycles that we see have generationally affected our families.
  • Break the chains of living in defeat in feeling inadequate in having low self-esteem
  • Break the chains of adopting an unhealthy lifestyle as norm.
  • Break the chains of drugs, alcohol, substance abuse, pornography, and other addictions.

Remember we have the power through Christ to break every chain that has held us bound to live free! Build a personal relationship with God, studying his word for yourself, be obedient to his guidance through prayerful reflection, apply that strength, and live fearless in being free of what once had you bound.

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