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Mama Bear : The Nuturing Child

There are some children that have a deeper level of care, compassion, and concern towards others. I have four children that display care towards their fellow siblings, but my daughter Paige has genuine attentiveness towards others. She is truly a "Mama Bear" with a nuturing spirit. She shares her naturally nuturing care to her friends,… Continue reading Mama Bear : The Nuturing Child

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Our Gifts Are Not Our Own

Tammy was listening in pure amazement of hearing her daughter singing a gospel song doing riffs. She knew she was singing with all of her heart in praise. She had a flashback of herself singing as a teen in church holding the microphone pouring out her gift of song, but she walked away years ago… Continue reading Our Gifts Are Not Our Own

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 Words Hurt & They Last: Covering Our Words Toward Our Children  

    The words that we use towards our children have the power to build them up, or they can break their spirits in tearing them down. I can remember growing up being teased by my aunts about my busty esthetic, my short kinky hair, and "funny" colored brown skin (meaning I didn't fit in being… Continue reading  Words Hurt & They Last: Covering Our Words Toward Our Children