Mom Motivation And Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

All Of Me

   There’s no greater connection with the Heavenly Father than growing within your spiritual life in developing your own personal relationship with God through prayer, study, and reflection. Don’t get me wrong corporate worship is important, but we can venture deeper by studying the word for ourselves. We can pause in reflection on those words to digest them not just in thought, but we can digest them within our spirit. We can do so by developing our prayer life daily.  It’s important for us as parents to take a pause from the hustle and bustle of life just to focus our minds and thoughts on God from the usual mundane tasks and responsibilities of our days.

Blocking Out Distractions 

  I don’t know about you, but with five others in the house besides myself it’s hard to find a quiet place. It helps me to beat everyone in the house to the punch in the morning to take personal time of prayer and reflection. It gives me much lead way to focus in my already easily distracted mind. I do my best to incorporate a daily reflection first thing in the morning, and late at night. I know if I take advantage of those times alone I can focus my time in hearing God’s voice before hearing footsteps coming down the hall, someone asking me about  something they’ve lost, or before everyone wants something to eat.  Physical touch of hugs and cuddles seem to be a major love language in the house for everyone. The best of moms at times just want to be in a “No Touch Zone,”but I sense when it’s needed by each one in our family. Following night fall and some love hugs I go in a place for prayer. I also have to log off all of my social media accounts a few hours out of the day. I am a heavy poster for Purpose Filled Mommy, but I have discovered ways that allow me to schedule posts. It’s so tempting to check notification, swipe, and stroll. It’s honestly a big distraction that many of us are guilty of. However, I know that those swipes never got me through my darkness periods in my life. There are some scriptures and devotions that I know I need to reflect upon than post on social media to digest for myself. It’s a force effort occasionally from pulling away from social media at times, but it’s a distraction that I pull away from to connect to God that is necessary for me.

Just Me & You 
  This morning in prayer and refection I thought about how often in prayer I focus on my interpersonal relationships than that of praise, worship, and just being in awe of God. Yes, it’s important to pray for others. It’s important to go to God when we need advice, or when we are struggling with inner conflicts in regards to others. We can’t forget though just to say ” Thank you.” We can’t forget to focus on the creator of our being before going into a 10 minute spill on those we have issues with.  I have been guilty of that. Yes, I want to pray for others, and I will. I have learned in the growth of my prayer life to have a balance of praying for my family individually, collectively, for myself, and for others. There are days though where I just focus on him. It’s important for me to give God all of me, for he has given me all of him. I am grateful to serve a God were I can give my burdens, and I am thankful that I can lay my cares to him in prayer. It’s of special thought and pratice that I also give him a clear mind of focus to pause just to focus on him. Jesus gave his all for me, and I in turn should give my all to him.

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