Being Authentic, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Bag Lady

    Many of us are carrying around more junk than what’s in our purse. We are carrying the burdensome load of heavy emotional baggage that we need to release to let go. The weight of emotional baggage can be equally as exhausting as carrying around heavy physical baggage. The heavy bags of unresolved issues way on our hearts and minds which seeps out in subtle ways that impact us in everyday life. Emotional scars from tragic events that we felt the need to sweep under the rug later reveals itself  in our romantic relationships, simple interactions, our productivity, and if we are not careful it can ease within our families. 

   Some of us are carrying baggage from a bad childhood, and now that same hurt is effecting us in our adulthood. The pain from childhood memories without ever addressing can easily play out  in other ways in our interactions in parenting. The generational cruse of repeated behaviors of abuse, neglect, and disconnect can be detrimental for the future generations of our families if we refuse to make the changes to make it right.

   Believe it or not, but some of us are carrying the baggage from old jobs. The negative experiences from past drama or fear to reach into our fullest potential from a bad job experience can carry from place to place to every other new employment opportunity if we never address in conquering those behaviors that made the situation what it was in the first place!

   The hurt of a bad a friendship or romantic relationship can be down right devastating. However, until we heal from what hurt us in our past we will more than likely repeat in an unhealthy cycle the same issues that caused the pain in those past relationships.  

   Whatever the baggage is that is holding you down let it go. Free it from your mind by releasing it to God in acting on his guidance of what to do to begin your healing process. It’s not in overnight process by no means in releasing deep pain. It’s a day by day journey in steps in walking out in owning your peace. 

  We can hold on to so much pain that we make it a strain to form a proper relationship with God. The beginning processing of unloading all that heavy weight is to develop your own personal relationship with God. He is the only one that can not just hear or prayers, but he feels the depth of our soul to know what we really feel inside. There will be somethings that we may have experienced that were so painful that we know we will never forget. However, just because we can’t strip our minds of the memory it doesn’t mean that our hearts can’t be healed by  the of love God to release it into the atmosphere. 

     Give your shoulders a break, and take a load off. Emotional baggage can be equal in being physically damaging and draining. The stress of emotional baggage can effect our health. Give your heart, mind, and soul a mental break of releasing that pain inside. Emotional cleansing isn’t pretty, but it’s needed to heal from the pain of our past. Seeking professional help if needed is nothing to be ashamed of. Do whatever is beneficial to get yourself better.

  Give it all to God. Lay down your heavy burdens,  and allow him to guide you in doing the rest. Let it go bag lady, and start the process of growth in evolving in your best version of you. Be blessed beautiful people!

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