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Mama Bear : The Nuturing Child

There are some children that have a deeper level of care, compassion, and concern towards others. I have four children that display care towards their fellow siblings, but my daughter Paige has genuine attentiveness towards others. She is truly a “Mama Bear” with a nuturing spirit. She shares her naturally nuturing care to her friends, others, and sometimes us if she sees her parents needing a boost with a hug. She shares a special bond with her younger sister Paris who lives with autism more than anyone. I watch in admiration of their bond in allowing it to bare witness of God’s grace of how we should treat one another.

Safety Net

Paige appears to share a close bond with all of her siblings in being a calming safety net for them. Her older brother makes sure to check in with her after he does something to see if it’s “cool” or interesting. She has twin younger sisters with a four year age gap between them who look up to her as the “big sister” to give advice, help with buckling their shoes, reaching for things they aren’t tall enough to get, and as a friend who’s always there. My strong willed daughter, Payton occasionally bumps heads with her big sister at times due to her need for independence, but Payton does shows her appreciation of Paige’s care in her own little sassy way.

Friends & Companionship

My eldest daughter’s easygoing nature helps her make friends easily. Her calm nature, willingness to be a listening ear, and unbiased view of how she sees others invites her peers to want to connect with her. I’ve also learned that opposites attract in relationships with having an easygoing nurturing child in making friends. I can say she’s had some pretty nice friends who equally love her back, and she never forgets them no matter how long the time frame may have passed since they last saw one another. I have also seen the complete opposite of children who are more or less demanding, attention seeking, and a bit aggressive gravitate toward her as well. I can recall Paige and I sharing the experience in being at the same school where I was a teacher. I noticed in our small setting the students who had more behavioral problems or concerns navigated towards Paige’s nuturing spirit to get a quick fix of attention, but they also found a welcoming person who offered acceptance despite their history. I am mindful in allowing her to cultivate her own friendships, but I watch closely in making sure they are healthy connections. As a mother, I embrace our daughter’s nuturing spirit in connecting with others. I do however encourage her to speak up, set boundaries, not people please, and to take care of herself as well.

Our Connection

I see the similarities between my eldest daughter and I in both having nurturing spirits. We play the same role within our siblings as the peacemakers, the listening ear, the shoulder to cry on, and a helping hand. We share being both the first born daughters in the family, being the middle child, double dimples, and the initiation of leadership. I can see her as an adult being the centerpiece amongst the siblings in keeping everyone close. I’m protective of her compassionate heart in knowing through my own trials of how opposites can attract, and how fixers (even little ones) can grow into people pleasers if not careful. I wouldn’t break her gentle spirit in being a helper and nurturer because it’s from the heart. I pray that she will continue to shine her light with wisdom in making a positive difference in the world. The world can be a pretty dark and lonely place. It’s a heaven sent when we run across a true nurturer, and it’s even better to know you are raising a natural nurturing spirit to carry out her mission of love to the world.

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