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Meek Not Weak : Recognizing Your Inner Strength

I've always admired in full regards the character trait of meekness. I found myself as a chronic people pleaser who despised any form of conflict struggling at times on how to differentiate between meekness and my inner warrior spirit. I've gained through age, experiences, and spiritual maturity more of a clarity in understanding my inner… Continue reading Meek Not Weak : Recognizing Your Inner Strength

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They Said What! : How To Stop Worrying About What Others Say For The Sensitive Soul

ome of us can't hide it. We are simply sensitive people. Guess what? Being sensitive isn't nothing to be ashamed of . Sensitive people are not professional whinny dolls who drop bucket loads of tears after the slightest offense! Those of us who are naturally sensitive are very in tune with the world around us within everyday responses and interactions. It's how we respond or should I say not respond to those everyday interactions that helps us better control the beauty of our sensitivity rather than letting our emotions take over our lives in controlling us.