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The Lord Will Fight For You

I can remember an old childhood saying, “Handle my lightweight” in playing teasing neighborhood games. It didn’t take long for the years leading up to adulthood to sink in where I encountered real battles to fight, and I couldn’t use my on strength in fighting the battles that faced me alone. The Lord can handle more than just our “lightweight” in the face of fighting our battles, and he’s a present help in fighting life’s heavyweight challenges in times of need. There’s no opponent, obstacle, or opposition to large for God to move within our lives for victory.

The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace. Exodus 14 : 14

My son in his younger years would put on plastic armour for his imaginary superhero battles to fight in the backyard. He would done a towel cape, a sword, boots, a mask, and a plastic breastplate we purchased from the Dollar Tree to fight his make believe opponent in the spirit of David fighting Goliath. The Goliaths in our lives in the real world are far from being fictional. They are real life experiences where despite what we me have wished they’re staring at us face to face to battle us in a challenge like give me what you got! They are the battles that we honestly didn’t want any parts of in wishing they will somehow just go away, so we can have as close to a life unraveled in peaceful bliss as possible. I’ve had my share of battles in various forms where my weakness in faith at the time made me want to wave the white flag before the battle even started. It’s in times like these that I humbly go to the Lord in putting on the armour of God of prayer, study, worship, and a willingness to let go in being in control to give the fight over to him.

We aren’t immune to facing battles here in the world, but we must hold dear that whatever lies ahead we won’t as believers go into battle without the Lord on our side. Jesus hears us our war cry in battles of the following and more.

  • Health concerns
  • Financial needs
  • Family woes
  • Strained Marriages
  • Workplace politics
  • Conflicting relationships
  • Slanders of our character
  • The internal battles within our minds that only we know we fight

Trust, you don’t have to put on your boxing gloves unless you’re a boxer going after the World’s Heavyweight Championship. I’ll say strap on your gloves in that case, and give your girl a shout out from motivation when you hold up the winning belt. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re a boxer in a ring, a solider on the frontlines, or a mom fighting to keep her family together as best she can in love while maintaining her sanity, know that the Lord will fight for you. Put your trust in the Lord through your faith, pray earnestly, study his word, submit to his will, and peace be still.

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