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7 Simple Tips To Embrace Self-Love


Self love is essential in living a purpose filled life. Women are naturally nurtures of the world. We have the innate ability as women and mothers to pour into others in giving support, encouragement, and comfort through love. We must keep a healthy balance of sharing our love towards others as we do in showing love for ourselves by embracing self-love more.


Here are 7 simple tips that you can incorporate daily in embracing self -love.

  1. Create a daily affirmation. Create your own personal motto that you can say to yourself out loud, post visibly for reflection , and to hold dear as a reminder for when you’re having a rough spell .
  2. Take care of yourself. Be sure to follow through with your annual checkups and appointments. We can’t tell our children to eat a healthy diet and take their vitamins if we aren’t doing the same. Set the positive example by eating a well balancing diet, taking a natural supplement daily vitamin specifically for women’s health, exercise regularly, and be in tune with your mental health concerns or needs.
  3. Speak life and positive words over yourself.  There’s power in the words we speak not only over our family, loved ones, but there’s power in the words we say about ourselves. Speak positively in words of hope, faith, prosperity, and achievements to come over yourself.
  4. Stop talking down to yourself and beating yourself up.  One of the worst things we can allow others to witness or better yet our children is tearing ourselves down with our words. When we show lack of confidence by making negative comments about our physical appearance, bringing up past mistakes, and live in self -doubt it wears us down. When we take on the “Woe -Is Me Wanda or Negative Nancy” personalities it brings others down, and we set the rocky foundation of how to live with low self-esteem for our children. If  you find you have a habit of doing that don’t be afraid to reach out to a mental health professional to be sure you aren’t suffering from something serious like depression.
  5. Be bold to set goals.  A big step in embracing self-love is believing in yourself. The same motivation that we pour out to others we must do for ourselves in testing our limits for our personal betterment. Don’t be afraid ” Mama” to set personal goals. Write down a list of things that you would like to do to better yourself personally, (the added plus is by doing so you’re doing so for your family), and make the steps to follow through. Put legs on those prayers !
  6.  Invest in yourself .  We can set as many goals as we want, but with anything we get back what we invest in. We invest in supporting our girlfriends’ new projects, we invest in our children’s talents with proper training in extra curricular activities, and we invest in our significant other’s hobbies.  Just think about if we took the time to invest  in our passions, interests, and our dreams. It can be hard with being spread so thin, but be sure while investing in others to set aside a  little time to invest in yourself with just as much zeal!
  7. Take care, pride, and love in your appearance .  It’s not about wearing fancy designer clothing, heavy makeup, or doing a self check in the mirror every few minutes. Many of us feel like if we care about our appearance that it’s vain. This is not the case. Many studies suggest that there are benefits in feeling better about ourselves by taking care, effort, and concern with our appearance.  It’s all about embracing your personal style, owning your beauty, and not being afraid to accentuate your best features. Let’s stop giving our flaws more credit. It’s about making the effort to look your personal best in feeling your best. You’ll be surprised what a new lip color, a cute necklace, a cute pair of jeans, or matching heels (or stylish flats) will do for a boost in your self-esteem.


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