Family Matters, The Little Things That Count

Minnie and Mini :A Grandmother’s Love 

I’ve always been extremely close to my grandmother, and the care of her love made the biggest impact on my life. She’s not into big celebrations, but she appreciates small gestures. Knowing how much my grandmother means to me and all of her grandchildren we wanted to give her something for the special day.Slim Pickings

I saw a couple from church at a local Dollar Tree in the card section searching in the masses of fall and Halloween cards. We greeted one another, and shared how there was slim pickings in the card department for Grandparent’s Day. We also shared how of all the holidays in the world to honor members of our family within society that honoring grandparents seemed to be the least spoken of. They shared with me one of only two cards on the shelf that was as close to a fit that we could get to give my grandmother. We were excited to find a card that had “Happy Grandparent’s Day Great Grandma” to give her. It was the best that they had, and we knew it would make her smile.

My grandmother wearing her Christmas shirt with all her great grandchildren listed for Grandparent’s Day.

Peace and Love

My immediate family growing up was not a family of huggers in showing affection. I could always though count on my maternal grandmother for a big hug with the warm embrace of her arms to shield me from the troubled winds of tough times from my childhood. My mother and I are close, but we have had challenging times in our relationship in the past. My grandmother has always been the peacemaker in every situation of turbulence in the family in gentle assertiveness making sure we all got over our differences, stay connected with keeping in touch, and to move on from rough patches. It didn’t matter what happened at school, problems from the world, or the rejection of others my grandmother was always there to give a hug saying, “You know Grandma loves you.” A Legacy Of Love

I can see now that I’m a mother of four especially in having three daughters my grandmother was silently creating a legacy of love for the generations that followed. I can see my mother following in her footsteps in being a good grandmother for which my children love my mom to the moon and back. My mother and I both have adopted without conscious effort my grandmother’s love of showing physical affection, her Sunday flair of elegant attire, and we both love sitting on the front porch rocking in our chairs. We learned from her the importance of resilience through tragedy, and the importance of raising strong young ladies to follow in our footsteps. My grandmother has always been my biggest supporter in celebrating my triumphs, joys, and lending a helping hand if ever needed the best way she could. I could never pay her back for the love and support she gives me. She wouldn’t accept it if I could pay her back. I will be forever grateful for her love, and I pray to leave a legacy as genuine as her’s. Updated post in loving memory of Minnie Lee Perry May 18, 1929- June 29, 2019

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