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Passion To Pen: Exploring Your Creative Gifts With Author Rhontina Lynn Burroughs  

RhontinaLynn” Burroughs takes her passions in thought transcending them to words that leap in emotion from her books. I was happy to have a sit down chat with her in discussing the importance of tapping into your creative genius.” Lynn” is more low key in person, but when she speaks of her joy in writing her eyes light up in way that lets you know that she has discovered her calling. She is the author of books Discovered Passion and Discovered Promises. The books are reflections of her thoughts in things many of us deal with regarding love, passion, pain, and hearing the voice of God in walking out on our purpose. They are a mix of short essays, poetry, and heartfelt thoughts. We probably could have talked all afternoon on that beautiful fall day. However, the time I shared with Lynn will always be one the interviews that I will treaure.

P.F.M. :How do you find purpose in love, strength, and courage being single, married and middle aged?

R.B : Every day that you wake up is a day of purpose, opportunity,and blessings. Finding purpose makes you more aware of who you are and honoring the qualities and characteristics that make you uniquely you. Life takes on a different message and meaning because you have experienced various seasons of living, growing and transitioning. It doesn’t matter what age or station you are in. Its how you manuever through your transitions.

P.F.M. : What encouragement could you give other women in letting them know that their life has meaning?

R.B. : In order for me to encourage others, I have to first encourage myself. You must surround yourself with positive people, those people who can enhance your life and inspire you. Above all you must believe in yourself that you can do it in spite of. I try to encourage others by telling them to discover their passion, honor their passion and invest in their passion. No matter what their passion is, it has to be shared with others.

P.F.M. : Life is all about taking the journey and exploring new adventures. What would be a few things that you would like to add to your “Bucket List” to experience?

R.B. : My bucket list is to sit in /take part on a movie production. (b) to have a greeting card published with hallmark card company.(c)meet and talk with Oprah Winfrey one on one. Lessons I have learned is honor who you are and who God made you to be. You cant please everybody! People will either love you or reject you. Don’t you reject you!

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