Mom Motivation And Empowerment, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Then There Was Grace

 I was taken a back when I grew spiritually in understanding the true meaning of grace. I adopted the mentality that was reared in me from examples growing up of seeing things as only black or white making no room for faults. There was a time that I had no clue of the beauty of God’s grace for me, how to give myself grace in my daily walk and motherhood journey, and how to unselfishly extend that compassionate grace to others despite seeing faults. Understanding God’s grace opened me up to a deeper clarity of his love for me within his salvation.  I removed unrealistic expectations to hold on myself for when I fall short. God’s grace for me restored my peace to offer forgiveness from past hurts, and it softens my heart to have empathy for others in seeing them with struggles.

  God’s Grace

We serve a God who gives us a second chance at life, and he holds no records of our past over our heads. There are times that although we try we fall prey to the temptations of the world. Satan will have it that in those moments as belivers when we fall to lay in gulit and shame fearing that we lost our connection with our Heavenly Father. Our bond with our father is dear and never broken. Yes, we are to hold ourselves accountable for actions. God sees us as his children. He rebukes us when we are wrong. God knew we would sin, so he sent his only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins that we may live having new life. God’s love is unconditional with grace for us all on the throne. ( Read Proverbs 25:12)

Giving Myself Grace

   As mothers we strive to do our best in caring for our children and families. We say we don’t want to be “Perfect Patty” yet we hold the unrealistic expectations of trying to squeeze as much as we can in a 24hr/7 day a week span with impeccable calculation for perfection. We can feel as though we failed if we can’t get things done a certain way or the time frame that we scheduled in our lovely decorative planners. We love our families.  We want to give them our all to show that we love them even when we are running low. Guess what? There will be times the laundry will have to be folded the next day, we’ll have our “moments” of frustration, and there will be times you can’t do all that’s been asked for you to put on the calendar. Those that matter understand, and those that don’t understand don’t matter ! A good friend saw me in a funk following  a few days from my husband coming home from the hospital. I was feeling  overwhelmed trying to be the devoted caregiver, keeping the kids occupied, balancing work, and taking care of all the housework. She heard my tired voice over the phone in sharing my day and said “Baby, give yourself some grace.” I no longer wear my superwoman cape in taking on the world.

Give Others Grace 

    We all will fall short at some point in our lives either intentionally of unintentionally in causing hurt or disappointment to others. God granted us his grace for our forgiveness of our sins, so who are we to hold a ransom to others for their faults. We need grace, so we as believers should extend grace towards others. Seeing the world only as black and white with no room for mistakes or flaws closes our prospective from seeing things from God’s eyes. It hinders us in applying God’s word of love, grace, and mercy. God’s grace is what sustains us all. It’s not about singing Kumbya not addressing true issues or grievances. It’s about living in agape love moving on from those issues not with bitterness towards those who offend us, but living with a gracious heart of forgiveness even if it’s  from afar.

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