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Determined Despite The Distance : A Little Green Hitchhiker Teaches The Will Of Not Giving Up!

A few weeks ago a large bug was sitting on the top of the hood of my car. I was in a rush to take the kids to school, and I was heading off to work, so I decided to walk us as close as I could to wall of the garage jumping into the car. I later discovered that the bug was a praying mantis, and this determined little critter stayed on the hood of my car the entire ride. I would’ve never thought that a bug hitching a ride on the hood of my car could’ve taught me a life lesson of determination.

The morning rush hour traffic is unpredictable in any city. Our area downtown has many train tracks that go along with the unpredictable Federal train schedule in our city. I am usually dodging the traffic and the trains in heading off to work, so the ride can be a bit bumpy. I honestly thought that the praying mantis would’ve some how jumped off the hood when the car pulled out of the driveway but it stayed on. I thought that with the speed of the wind that it would possible fly off, but it stayed on. Surely, I thought it was a goner when I drove across the bumpy train tracks, but no matter what the bug stayed on top of the car. I was running a bit behind because one of the kids couldn’t find their coat, so I was driving a bit faster than usual. It didn’t matter the turn, the speed, the curve, the bumps, or the shift of the wind that little guy stayed on top of my hood riding all the way.

I was watching the road, but I couldn’t help but watch the praying mantis sitting determined on the hood to follow us where we were heading. Could it have been a sign from God I wondered? Was he going to attack? I know nothing about bugs, so I didn’t know. What I did know was following the rocky car ride when we arrived at the school he was still sitting on top of the hood of the car. I was astonished! I went inside to work following dropping the kids off the school. I taught in the usual timeframe of a teacher’s schedule. I didn’t think to look at the hood of the car simply because I was tired from a long day full of middle schoolers. The kids and I took our normal route heading home. I took a glance at the hood. Guess what! The green praying mantis was still on top of the hood catching a second ride home. Wow, right?

That little green bug sitting on my car taught me about faith, hope, and determination. We can plan all we want, but life is unpredictable at best. The winds of life will alway have us at their mercy as they blow us in every direction. However, if you can stay faithful through all the bumps, hills, and curves with a distinct eye of what you are trying to accomplish nothing can stop you. Our faith in trusting in God should be steadfast. Our belief in Jesus shouldn’t waiver because of life’s shifts of unpredictability or uncertainty. May our hope remain strong even when things appear bleak that it’s going to work out for the better. May we have determination through our belief in God to never give up in life, on our dreams, and the direction of where we’re going. Stay determined no matter how bumpy the ride or how long the distance.

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