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No Inground Pool, No Problem! Four Simple Ways To Share In Some Family Water Fun

Don’t have a large inground pool, or a gym membership with a state- of- the art pool fleet? No problem! There are so many ingenious ways for families to stay cool, splash, get drenched, and share in some water fun for the summer. I decided to switch things up this past 4th of July, and share in some family water games after our stomachs were settled from the big barbecue feast.

Here are four simple ways to share in some water fun as a family without breaking the bank or leaving the house:

1. Water Balloon Fight: I haven’t shared in a water balloon fight since my elementary school’s Field Day! It was exciting to toss a few water bombs at the kids. A pack of water balloons cost about $1.00 and most come with a tiny spout filler to help make the process go by fast in filling them. There are usually about 100 or more balloons in each packet.There are some water balloon packs that allow you to fill more than one balloon at a time. They range between $5 to $ 7 for a packet, and they can be purchased at your nearest Walmart or Target. I think my son threw in extra few balloons at my husband for making him clean his room!

2. Water sprayers: I purchased for only $1.00 a package of 3 medium sized colorful water guns. I picked up 2 packs since we’re a family of 6. We simply filled them up, set up our teams, and the water battle was on. Of course there are high priced Super Soakers , but we truly didn’t need a fancy water gun or sprayer to make it work. You can be creative by adding food coloring, have each person wear a white shirt, and see who gets the most hits.

3 Kiddie Pools & Inflatables: I’ve enjoyed our gym’s pool and going to water parks as a family, but sometimes you crave as a mother the simplicity of not being in a crowd. I always feel like a squirrel when we’re at big water parks making sure all the kids are safe. Growing up my mother would occasionally get us a simple kiddie pool to splash in during the hot summer months. I’ve seen everything from tiny round 1 foot pools to above ground pools that can hold up to 8 adults as deep as 4 1/2 feet. It’s always best to do your research, consider the age of your children, budget, environment, and proper safety precautions before purchasing a family inflatable pool. I have seen neighbors share in the experience with others in welcoming friends over for a little splash fun. We enjoyed following our family water fun an invite from our neighbors to have the kids splash around in their water inflatable slide/ pool. It motivated me to look into purchasing a family pool for our kiddos.

4. Bubble Count! : I’m not encouraging you to buy a fancy bubble machine, but water and bubbles seem to magically go together with kids. I picked up a large pack of bubbles for the kids to play with for little of nothing for our backyard play. Bubbles are an inexpensive way to incorporate fun as a family. If you want to be technical in seeing why bubbles are on the list for family water fun just sit in your inflatable pool while blowing bubbles !

Bonus Be Creative with A DIY Family Project : I’ve seen a ton of pictures over the internet from families who were creative in making a splash with water fun as a family with ” Do It Yourself” projects. Do you stay nowhere near a Splash Pad or is the local Splash Pad under construction? Create your own. You got this! Have fun as a family and make plenty of memories.

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