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Collective Gratitude 365 As A Family Lifestyle 

The 365 mindset of adopting gratitude is an attitude is a daily lifestyle to incorporate not just individually, but it’s beneficial in doing so as a family. Families who collectively unite in the decision to choose to find gratitude in the smallest of gestures and amenities are discovered to be more happy together. Find ways to appreciate the smallest things in life; knowing that it’s the small things that have the biggest impact.

Our Personal Journey

There was a period in my life where I didn’t live with the mindset of fully being grateful in all that we had. Like many, I fell into comparing what I had or been through with others. I think as parents if we are not careful we can begin to compare our children to that of friends or even strangers on social media. I learned since growing in my walk in with Christ that everything we go through serves a purpose. Our trials and struggles actually teach us to be more appreciative when we overcome those difficult seasons. Many may have seen us looking from the outside in a cute family picture in admiration never knowing the story of overcoming behind the smiles.

Beyond The Material

We have never been a materialistic family. Our children aren’t in to fancy labels, and they aren’t picky in wanting to wear $200 sneakers. Our parents instilled the same values in us as children of not being caught up in the brands, and we were happy to have decent clothing. The lessons learned from that upbringing we now do so with our children. Our children are growing up in the digital age of electronics, and they have some of the basics in the latest digital devices. However, thankfully they still enjoy playing with simple baby dolls, balls, and boardgames. We didn’t have much growing up, but we had enough. We had the basics growing up. Our children are blessed to have way more than we could’ve imagined. We don’t limit our family in growing in having a prosperous future, but we know if this is all we’ll ever have God has blessed us to have more than enough.

Here are just 7 simple ways to keep a 365 mindset collectively as a family in never losing sight of what really matters:

  • Randomly share in conversation about what each member of the family is grateful for. It could be as simple as toilet paper, but many of us are thankful of that!
  • Be a family of service. Choose a charity, organization, or outreach ministry that as a family you all can volunteer or give back to in some way. It can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Donate as a family. During the holidays and birthdays many of us are given extra toys and clothing. Donate those gently used items to those in need instead of have a pile of things around you don’t use or need.
  • Share the world around them. Our children can oftentimes see the world and it’s circumstances in the comfort of our walls not knowing that across the world or the areas we may live in many other families don’t have the same amenities in comfort. Based on their age and maturity share with them books or videos on how other families live in coping with what they have. You’ll see that although some may have less they are happily content .
  • Post it or share what you all are grateful for as a family. You can create a gratitude jar or you all can create a wall to share what you all are thankful for. Try to change it out monthly. Make it fun.
  • Build a strong prayer life as family in thanking God for his many blessings, and praying for others in need. Try scheduling a specific day of or time where you all can unite in prayer of thanksgiving.
  • Change your conversations collectively from that of complaining, venting, or longing for more in comparisons to others to “goal setting” instead. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to grow as a family, but change the conversations from “longing” to goal setting for achievement.

    Collectively live the mindset of living intentional with a grateful heart as a famliy 365 in everyday of the year.

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