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Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: How My Son Broke Down The Meaning Of Joy

My son and I had a discussion on the difference between being happy and having joy. I often say the phrase, “Out of the mouths of babes”, in reference to the amazing things that children speak into existence . Children can say the most intriguing in thought provoking words to  describe life. They use their creative minds in sharing their comprehension of the Lord’s word in interpretation. My son decided to share with me what joy ment personally to him.

During our homeschooling days we shared together morning devotion and worship before we begin class. We would usually sang a few songs, read a devotional passage, and pray before taking on the task for the day. We no longer homeschool, but we didn’t stop family devotion.We share in family worship now on some Sundays following church or if we have to miss service due to a family situation. It feels like a little church. The kids are singing, dancing, clapping, and moving about the house so loud. I can only imagine what my neighbors think is going inside! I can recall one particular lesson we had on joy.


 My eldest daughter asked,”What’s joy?” My son who loves to talk and discuss his philosophies beat me to the punch of telling her what’s joy. I was kinda of glad he did it though. His interpretation was helpful for both she and I in describing joy.
My son explained, ” Only God can give you joy. Happiness doesn’t last for a long time. Happiness comes and goes. Joy lasts in your heart, and it can’t be taken away by no one.” I had to sit back in the chair after he spoke. If you know his personality like most boys he can be mischievous, strong willed, and unpredictable sometimes in action. However, I must admit through when he speaks of the Lord it’s like he goes from a boy to a 70 year-old man in an instance.

We joked together that you can be happy at 12pm, and you can be down in the dumps at 12:30pm. Happiness is like all natural emotions that come and go based on circumstance. Joy however is everlasting in Christ. The story of Job is one of the best examples of losing it all, but how having God in your heart being more than enough to sustain your peace of mind. Material things, people, titles, and jobsyyiggcvch rggrseerawsds wWhy come and go in our life. They can make us happy,but they will never bring us joy. 

The enemy can work through others to take your credibility, reputation, and break your spirit. The enemy can’t take your joy though. Develop a true relationship with the Lord, and study his word for youself on joy. I’ve learned that by applying the word it helps me understand the spirit of joy is having Christ in my heart. Yes, I’ve had my bad days. I can say that growing in the Lord’s peace has definitely helped to cope in applying how to regroup in maintaining my inner joy. The light of the Lord shines brightly in his children, it can’t be dimmed. They are protected and covered. We ended our lesson that day by singing an old song from my days growing up in our family’s old little country church entitled” This Joy I Have.”  If we discover our inner joy we’ll see that it brings peace, satisfaction, assurance, and guidance in our purpose. May you always have joy. 

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