Being Authentic

Making The Decision To Be Happy

The decision to be happy and have the peace of joy is up to us. Many times we place the responsibility on others to do it for us. We soon become hurt and disappointed when things don’t go as expected. It is unfair to give that responsibility to others, and we also set ourselves up in disappointment in doing so. Depending on the consistency of praticing this behavior and having negative results many of us grow bitter and cold.

God doesn’t want that for your life. Study his word faithfully, pray continuously, and find appreciation in even the simplest of things to bring out graditude. Adopt the “gratitude is an attitude” attitude mindset. You’ll begin to see things a lot differently.

There’s a peace and contentment in discovering the peaceful presence of the Lord. You discover an inner light within that brings insight to what true joy is. You learn not to place your faith, hope, and happiness in people. You don’t seek it through connection with social clubs, organizations, groups, or even your church of affiliation. You learn through prayer and mediation to connect with the Father. In turn the Father connects you with the inner peace of happiness and true joy. Be blessed beautiful people.

1 Samuel 2:1 ..My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my horn is lifted high.My mouth boasts over my enemies, for l delight in your deliverance.

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