Mom Motivation And Empowerment

Seize The Moment 

    I promised myself that this year I was going to take advantage of seeing the 7 Wonders of Georgia some how or some way. Who knew that it was actually 7 Wonders of Georgia to discover? Well if you didn’t know like me we discovered it together! I enjoy being in nature; I have enjoyed being outside since I was little girl. I discovered the list before the turn of the new year, and I made in my mind a check list to see each one as soon as I can. 

 I knew that I would be out of town for a few days for a family meeting. I had two interviews in the Atlanta area as well. I learned upon arrival that one of my interviews was actually near Stone Mountain,G.A.  My interview days are usually hectic, and they are full with steps for preparation. I was initially told that one interview in particular was near the heart of Atlanta.  Many people who live near the area would say “I live in Atlanta”, yet they actually live 40 minutes outside of this metropolitan area. Yup, that’s exactly what happened to me! I didn’t have time to be unraveled or upset. My mind is forever focused on those days. I knew I was going to make this surprise work itself out either way.  

   I felt like the whole month of January was full of unexpected changes, rushing, and unstoppable moments for me to tend to everyone in the family’s needs at the time. The constant pressure and expectations were just as equally demanding outside of my home amongst other efforts. I needed a break truly. I needed to get away from my normal setting. Yes, this may have been work, but it was a break from the norm. I can get a bit drained at times like these. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I was overwhelmed simply put.

    I hit the interstate, and I saw the mountain closer than I could have ever imagined. I knew of Stone Mountain’s ancient history, the reverence of its beauty through Native American culture, and I was well aware of its dark past presented by some in a horrific time for many within our country.  I wanted to see this majestic dome for myself. I had only seen it in books and videos. How could I have the time? I had a full day of appointments, and everyone back at my brother’s home was waiting for me.

    Following my departure from my meeting I could see the signs above the interstate to turn here to visit the park. My cell phone which never keeps charge for some reason even from the car charger was less then 15 percent. I knew I had to “rush” back to my usual routine. I had to find my way back through the area as well. I remembered the little girl playing discovery in the backyard, and I remembered her binge watching nature documentaries. I asked myself” What would little Mini do in this moment?” I answered the question by turning off the exit,  I drove to get my place in the line to enter the park . I paid my parking fee even through I was low on cash. I had no plan, and I didn’t know where actually to start. My cell was at this time near dead, and I told no one I stopped by the park.
     I said a silent prayer in thankfulness for this moment, protection, and for the grace to make it back which safe travels to my brother’s home. I got out of the car deciding to make a start anyway where I pleased . I entered the gate passing by the gift shops and all the extra stuff that has been created for the whole commercial family bid from attractions. I just wanted to see this mountain. Growing up in the inner city you don’t see mountains everyday. I usually have to drive to a near by park or take a drive to go for a hike to get my nature fix. This was the moment I had been waiting for, and this opportunity came earlier than expected. I actually was going to hit the trail of discovering the 7 Wonders this coming summer. I saw the moutain, and it was as grand as I expected!

  I was so in awe of the beauty of Stone Mountain.  I walked around the park a little more to get up close and personal. I snapped a view pictures for  other tourists who asked, and I later went into a quiet place to reflect on my own about this moment, the history that some may say was tainted by hatred, the diversity of all the people snapping pictures and smiling, and just basking in the sun feeling the cool breeze of a rare warm winter’s day. I was in amazement of the intricate details of the carving of the Confederate leaders near the base. I drove round to find more intimate treasures of the area. I was truly in awe. I snapped one picture of this precious moment while my cell was at 4 percent, I called my brother’s home, and everyone was fine doing their own thing as well. Basically there was no need for me to rush in getting back. I could really just take advantage of taking it all in.

   I decided to seize the moment. Whatever was waiting for me to tackle at home or back with my family would be right there when I got back. I decided not to rush. I think in our quick, fast, and urge to be in a hurry in these days we forget the beauty of just being in the moment. I take no opportunity for granted, and I enjoy just being in the moment. When you’re in the moment you have no real expectations other than just to be in the present time. From that day forward I decided put a silence to my impatience. I put a stall in my response of being in the hustle and bustle. I decided to seize as many moments as I can to be in the beautiful acceptance of the now.

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