Journeys In Motherhood, Spiritual Growth and Understanding

Children Are A Gift To Behold !

Children are indeed a blessing from the Lord! Children bring light, joy, hope, and a faithful promise to our generation to come. 
We get so focused and overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of life and our responsibilities that we treat their presence like a burden in the wake of our other more important task in our daily schedule. 

Many of us are guilty of focusing on every little irritation, quirk, annoyance, and obnoxious detail regarding our children that we take their presence in our lives for granted. Parenthood isn’t easy. It can be tough, but it’s more so a blessing.  It’s a blessing to have someone to love, and no matter how trying at times especially with teenagers know that they also love you back. 

Learn the love language of each of your little ones, study the bible on the meaning of love, and never be to bashful  to seek God in prayer in guidance to ask for help in this journey of parenthood. 
We all can benefit going into reflection to seek advice as mothers to be sure we are showing our children God’s love, grace, and compassion. 
I’m so thankful for every hug, kiss, and even all the millons of inquisitive questions my children share with me. No matter how I’ve failed at times in patience and  frustration they shower me with love and grace. They let me know through their little eyes they love me no matter what! 

We can learn a lot about grace through the eyes of children. Let’s treat our little ones like a gift to be adored and guide them in the ways of the Lord. 

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